I´m sitting comfortably in bed, at my friends cosy place. Surrounded by trees and the most amazing sunset(s). I can watch the sun disappear behind trees and hills from where I`m sleeping. It is a most magical place.
Peaceful. Clean. Dreamlike.

As I was watching the sun slowly set, enjoying the silhouettes of the tree-lines and the sky turn orange-pink, I caught my self wandering off, into my thoughts.

My head was wandering, thinking about; When I have a place like this that is my own…. When I can travel and see more beautiful sunsets other places…. Why do I not have a place like this already?….

I realised most of the thoughts were about things I wanted, about future plans or envy of other peoples life. As I became aware of my body chasing the future, or comparing this moment to some moment in the past. I told myself to come back to this present moment. Because there is only now. I told myself to stop comparing and wanting, instead be grateful to my own experience. The experience I am having in this very moment. Because this very experience is unique and magical.
It is all that matter.
This now.

Because, how often do you find yourself being jealous, envying or longing for a moment already past, or a moment you hope will come? Wanting someone else´s experiences or life situations?

I know that I do it. Unconsciously.

Our minds are driving us crazy, making up stories and chasing for bigger, better and more. Next time you catch yourself on a journey like that, bring yourself back to your body. Back to the present moment you are experiencing and start putting that energy into you.
Being grateful for you, for your experience. Stop envying others, start envying yourself. Envy the moment you are having, so much that you are only this very moment. This very experience happing to you right now.