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Cosmetics and beauty care is something I usually do not spend much money on, I like using my homemade shampoo, face and body scrub and not forget; coconut oil for everything. However if I do use products it has to be not tested on animals and contain as little unnatural ingredients as possible, as I prefer treating my body to only high quality products and food. As natural as possible is always key in my decisions and purchases.

A few weeks ago Jens surprised me with a little gift from Lush cosmetics, which is a really great cosmetics brand. I got a beautiful honey soap and a oat body lotion, which are both great for sensitive and dry skin. As this is something I usually don´t spend money on, it was a really nice little surprise, especially now during all my uni stress. It feels like I haven´t taken good enough care of myself, so this little gift was a great reminder of doing so.

Lush even provides you with booklets explaining the different ingredients and preservatives



Hope you make the time to treat yourself even during busy times

I love a touch of feminine flair, over all my taste of dressing is feminine, bohemian with a dash of luxe and a teaspoon of bold. Being confident with your personal style gives your image a sense of completeness. Find your confidence and play with your personal style, have fun with it.

“I say dress to please yourself, listen to your inner muse and take a chance.
Wear something that says, I am here today. ”
– Iris Apfel



Have a lovely start to your week amazing people

I love making my own care products, the latest I´ve added to the list is homemade shampoo. You can find some good shampoo brands that do use very few ingredients, almost all natural and no animal testing, however making it myself gives me all of these including making it much cheaper and more environmental friendly.

The more I make myself the lest plastic is being wasted 

Mix all ingredients together in a glass jar, make sure you only add very little acid & the more castile soap the more foamy the shampoo turns out to be. I prefer using coconut cream, so the shampoo get a good thickness to it.

It usually last up to 3-4 weeks, so don´t make to much at a time

Good luck with your homemade shampoo

A couple of days ago I made my very first body / face lotion, I´ve been making my own face masks and scrubs for a while, and for my body I only use pure coconut oil, all though sometimes my skin is very sensitive. Needing a more moisturising and thicker lotion that the coconut oil. I found a recipe combining coconut oil with beeswax & essential oil of your preference.  I also added cocoa butter, a bit of olive oil, dried chamomile and lavender essential oil. The lotion is a very thick cream, as I put a bit more beeswax than what I should have, but for my dry and irritated skin it does goal. Would not recommend the amount of beeswax for someone with oily skin.

I often measure by eye, so each time will be a different result, as this was the first time using this recipe, I will add a bit more coconut oil and reduce the beeswax portion next time.

Mix all the ingredients together in a glass jar, bowl or sauce pan.

Make a hot water bath, put the jar / bowl / sauce pan into the boiling water, make sure you do not get water into the ingredients or heat the ingredients directly on the stove.

Creating your own wellness products is a great way to explore your creative side, be more environmental friendly and treat your skin and body with only natural and real ingredients, so much better than the all the artificial´s we consume.

I got the recipe and other inspiration from this blog

My coconut obsession is unreal, if you know me well, you know what I´m talking about.

I swear to it.

Coconut oil is so amazing for your body and skin, for your inside and the outside.

Lately I´ve started making my own coconut oil blend, with only three simple ingredients that makes the oil just so much better.

Organic Coconut Oil – Lavender Essential Oil – Fresh Lavender

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– Not only is is beautiful to look at, it is beautiful for your skin –