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Hope you are all having a great week, enjoying yourself with work, friends, holiday or anything else you might be up to.

Summer in Europe means, thousands of people going on holidays, maybe even several holidays. Travel means, more CO2 is being pumped out into our surroundings, which means more pollution. Flying obviously being the worst of all travel methods that we chose. I personally do love travelling, so I cant say that I will never fly somewhere ever again, I also know that most people feel the same way. However we can improve our ways of travelling if we are a little bit more mindful.


Stay away for longer periods when you first fly somewhere, try avoiding flying somewhere just for a weekend trip.


Use public transport when you can, even on holidays, unless you are 4-5 people filling up your own rental car.


Walk or rent bikes instead of jumping in a taxi.


If you are travelling for longer periods, make sure you don´t fly domestic or across to a country that is close by,  take a train or busses instead. 




Hi lovelies, is that time of the month again when I share a mindful & Eco tip with you lovely people. Living mindful & ethical is a passionate eye-opening journey, so I hope I can inspire you to become a bit more mindful joining me on this incredible journey that I´m so very passionate about.



Our precious nature and planet is drowning in our manmade rubbish, so its therefore our responsibility to clean up after ourselves. We are making a huge mess around us, harming our planet, humans and animals. It is time to take action against our waist problem and start cleaning up, even if you didn´t leave it there, pick it up.


Your rubbish is everybody’s responsibility  





It is the time of month again, when I recommend you guys one little or big thing you can do, add to your life or take out of your life to live more sustainable. Making your own life and your surroundings a little better. As my interest for wellbeing, ethical living, yoga and mindfullness is growing so is my passion for sharing little or big things with you guys. This months tip is more a tip for your own health and your own wellbeing, but I find this just as important as living ethical. In my mind it is all connected, if you dont feel good about yourself, you are not going to add much positive value to your surroundings.



Meditation is something I have not been the best at, I´ve done it off and on over the last few years with really good periods over longer time. I recently started meditating more again, I do find it really hard to find peace to do it. That is a sign in my eyes, that I really need more of it in my life. Being and living mindful is in my opinion very important to a healthy and happy life. We all need to just be in the moment, let our minds rest. There are different ways to mediate, so my tip is that you just experiment a little and try different techniques. I prefer going to a meditation meeting or group, so I´m not distracted by other influences. I also try using meditation music before going to bed on either Spotify or an app called Calm.

B E C OM E   M I N D F U L

Both in Sydney and here in Oslo have I managed to find free meditation groups, which is something I recommend anyone to look for where you are located. The group here in Oslo is called Oslo Community Mindfulness.

Meditation is the journey
from sound to silence,
from movement to stillness,
from a limited identity,
to unlimited space.

– Sri Ravi Shankar



Rubbish, rubbish, rubbish. We are drowning in it, it is surrounding us, it has gotten to the point where we do not even notice how much unnecessary rubbish we are using on a daily basis. Saying that, I know there are many people doing a fair bit trying to avoid rubbish, without making a huge effort. And I´m so proud of every single one of you making little efforts. Every little bit matters. and if you are reading this, thinking you can do more  you are probably right.

You can become a little bit more eco friendly by taking tiny steps and making effortless but important changes. One change is to bring with you a eco-friendly coffee keep cup. If you are a regular on the go coffee drinker, why not have a beautiful easy to wash coffee keep cup with you?

I have my keep cup at work, so when I get a coffee during work, I have it in my own beautiful cup. I drink about 4 coffees a week, so that is 4 plastic lids and 4 paper cups saved every week, which is 208 lids and 208 cups in one year.



     Right vs Wrong       






Allow yourself to be absence when you really need it, just listen to the signals your mind and body are trying to give, if you dont you are bound to hit a brick wall at one point. I do feel better when I get to be creative and work on my blog, so even though I take breaks when I have to, I do feel the craving for being back at it, very quickly.

February is already in full bloom, so time to share another monthly eco tip with you lovely people. I started brusing with bamboo toothbrush a while ago, they have even started selling them in the normal grocery store here in Norway, which is great. They do not cost a fortune, they are much much better for the environment and I personally think it looks nicer than a ugly plastic toothbrush. I have also become much more aware of only bying products not tested on animals or with any animal by-products in it, as I have made a transition to be 10% vegan. The fairy floss tooth powder from Lush Cosmetics is also on my eco tip for February, together they make a hell of a team.

Brush with the planet in mind 




If you have´t yet heard of or tried beeswax wraps you should set that as a goal for this coming week. Locate the nearest / easiest place to purchase them and start wrapping your food leftovers or sandwich.
Beeswax wraps are made of cotton / linen cloth covered in beeswax which makes the cloth wrap-able. It is much much better than using single use plastic or foil pluss it looks way nicer, especially bringing your sandwich to work in a cute little wrapping cloth.






Hi lovelies, christmas is in less than a week´s time, and many people are probably still out looking for gifts for friends and family. My family and I have decided not to give many gifts this year, and I have only wished for things I really need and some contribution to experiences I want to experience. I know many people believe that giving money for christmas is a no go, but if all you really want is to save up for something special, or you wanna pay down your debts, why not?


Giving experiences, think environment, buy something used and wrap it all up in reusable pretty boxes for a zero waist christmas experience.


Happy mindful, waist-free christmas everyone 





On Sunday I attended a clothing swap event, organised by an environmental group here in Norway, “The future in our hands”. You had to bring up to 7 things, in relative good condition, then you would be able to pick as many “new” items as you handed in. The leftover clothes got donated to charity.

Clothing swap is a great way to lower your consumption habits and save the environment for a little less pollution. All our decisions and actions matter.


“Vi kjøper rundt 70.000 tonn nye klær hvert år her i landet. Kleshandlingen vår er dårlig nytt for både klimaet og miljøet. Hvert plagg fører minst til et klimagassutslipp som tilsvarer mellom 1 og 17 kg med karbondioksid, avhengig av hvilket materiale det er laget av. Sammenlignet med 1995 har prisen på klærne falt med 63 prosent og vi kaster 79 prosent mer klær årlig. I tillegg til klimafotavtrykket fører klærne våre til store utslipp av miljøgiftige kjemikalier og krever enorme mengder vann der de ofte har minst fra før. Her er våre beste tips til hvordan klærne dine kan bli mer miljøvennlige.”

“We purchase approximately 70.000 ton of new clothes every year in Norway. Our clothing-buying habits are really bad for the the environment. Every piece of cloth creates between 1-17 kg og co2, depending on the material it is made off. Compared to 1995 the prices for clothes are 63 prosent lower, and we throw 79 prosent more clothing every year. Not only creating I high amount og c02, the clothes are also produced with many chemicals, harming both environment, the humans and animals.”



I only ended up with four “new” items, but I´m perfectly happy with that, as I got to clean up a little, improve our environment a little and support a charity.







Hi lovelies, hope you are having a good week. I´m soon off to work, then heading home to Larvik later this evening, as I´m going to our little cabin in the mountains this weekend.

Fresh mountains air, smell of firewood burning & quality time with family 



It is time for my November eco tip and I´m really exited to share eco products, tips and simple lifestyle adjustments with you guys. I know most people are not willing to turn their life upside down to become a environmentalist, so therefore I´m not going to share any absurd crazy lifestyle changes ideas with you guys, just simple everyday adjustments.


Cleaning products is something we use everyday, and most people might not even think much off it. They stick to what they know and might not even be aware of all the nasty chemicals to be found in our everyday cleaning supplies. So next time you need new cleaning products look for a brand that has the planet in mind. I recently discovered Klar, which can actually be found in the normal super market here in Norway, they are at a very good price & they are vegan.

Keeping our planet, humans and animal in mind does not have to cost a fortune. 

We only have planet, so start choosing wisely today







Hi lovelies, hope you´ve had a good weekend?

I´ve been planning to start a monthly blog post with my eco recommendations and tips. As I´m very passionate about an ethical lifestyle, I thought this is a good way to share more of this with you guys.

Every month will be different, everything from food & health to product recommendations & easy lifestyle adjustments.

If you have some extra time during your weeks and like being outdoors? Locate a animal shelter in your area and go help out walk the dogs or play with the cats. Here in Oslo you have the FOD farm and Solplassen (the sunny spot). Dogs need a lot of walking, so spending an hour walking a dog that does not yet have a loving home, is a great thing to do. You can also become a regular volunteer or donate to the organisations.


We had such a great afternoon walking a lovely lady called Vilde. She was a really cute little dog, but very shy and hesitant, as she has been most likely living on the streets in Greece. But it was lovely to see how quickly she trusted us and allowed us to get close.