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Hi love tribe, soul sisters and brothers.
I´m sending you good energy and love from little Norway to where you are located. I hope you are in a good flow and that you are on a journey that fuels your life with positive vibes and happiness.

My journey to become the most authentic, present and loving being that I can be is filled with reading loads of spiritual books, poems and quotes and listening to podcasts that is brining me closer to peace. Many of these readings have truly touched my soul and helped me through different difficult or tricky situations. I used to have screenshots of them on my phone, and go back on it whenever I needed some closure or guidance.

Having it on my phone is great, but having it on my wall in my bedroom is even better. Every morning or evening I get to read my favourite quotes, poems and wisdom that makes me filled with joy, happiness, love and good energy.

The wisdom wall is far from done, I´m slowly building it up, hanging up more positive vibes.



Hi wonderful tribe, I had a really interesting experience yesterday. I was listening to this artist that I love, and a few songs came on that made me extremely sad. For a moment I allowed the sadness to fill me up completely, and I let it take over for a few minutes. After a few minutes I become conscious in this unconscious experience and I started analysing this episode of extreme sadness.
You see at this time last year I was heartbroken, feeling sorry for myself, and feeling sorry for my life. I was also spending a lot of time listing to this artists and the songs that I played yesterday, so my body and my unconsciousness was taking me straight back to this time, allowing that sadness to enter and take over, take control.

Thankfully I´ve come along way since that time, and I´m no able to see this being my ego taking control of my body, inflicting pain. Analysing this situation made me realise how far I´ve come in a year.

The last year have been about finding my way, my truth and developing my passions and my skills into becoming a way of living. It has been about accepting that life is impermanent, ever changing, and going with the flow. It has been about being honest with myself. Being loving with myself. Being loving with life, and taking what is given to me. It has been about going forward with what I´m good at, what makes me happy. Choosing a path that is right for me, and not let the standards of other people bring me down.

Life should be more than just a good job being paid well. Having the nicest apartment and the most expensive holiday and showing off to all your social media friends, how damn great your life is. When secretly you are unhappy, unsatisfied and stressed out, and cant wait for the next weekend or holiday to come.

Dont you want your everyday life to be the life you love?
Dont you want to stop caring about what everyone else thinks about you, and just go your way?

If you know that you are not living your life, going your authentic way. It is time to stop the acting game, and start waking up to your life purpose and doing what is right for you. Taking baby steps, and I promise when you slowly start shifting in the right direction you will find the power within you to take it all the way and slowly you will become your highest self.



September is approaching and I defiantly believe I got the last bit of Summer during my visit to Spain. It has been a climate critical Summertime, I´m hoping though you might have enjoyed the warmth, you also understand that it is a critical heat, that we should not thrive to much over. I´m personally ready for a season change, ready to dress for colder days. I´ve been kissed by the Summer for the last time, ready to let the Autumn stroke my skin gently.

“I want to live so densely. lush. and slow.
in the next few years. that a year becomes ten years. and the past becomes only a page.
in the book of my life.” 





People spend so much time commuting to get from one place to another. We often want to live more spacious, often resulting in moving away from the city, but spending more time on travel. I´m one of those people who prefer living cheaper, more spacious and closer to nature, so I therefore have to travel a bit more to get to work or social gatherings. Spending time on public transport can be in my opinion much waist of precious time. Time is running, we cant stop it and I´ve come to learn that I need to spend my precious time as well as I can. My current opinion on my own time use, is that it can get better, something I am working towards. In the mean time I still spend time on transport moving from A to B, so I have become very conscious about spending it as smart as possible.

I used to be one of those people sitting on the metro staring into my phone. Getting off the metro I started realising that I was spending almost 40 minutes everyday travelling. During the 40 minutes of travel I would do absolutely nothing useful. Facebook? Snapchat? Instagram? When I realised this, I started thinking about the number of times this had happened already. I made a choice right there;



Commuting more efficient is actually very easy. I have a few ways that I prefer. Either I read a book or I listen to podcasts. I also sometimes meditate.




I have also started using a bike and longboard, I´m still not comfortable with the longboard in the city, but around my hood is perfect. Using the bike is great, as going home is only uphill so that way I also get a good exercise out of it. 

If you are still one of the many commuting inefficiently, hopefully you are ready to spend your time more preciously and become more mindful of all the minutes of your day, spending them more efficient. 




We are already half way through June, blessed with several weeks of beautiful weather which have enchanted Oslo, everything has blossomed to life.

I have not made to many plans for this Summer, as I´ve decided to work a lot until January, planning a new long trip from beginning of January until whenever, cant wait to share more of this with you lovelies.

I have a few plans for the next months, but I just take the weeks as the come, there is a lot happening in Oslo the next months, so its just fun to take each weeks as they happen, with the occasional planned happenings.


Hiking at our cabin 

Exploring Oslo´s nature spots & vegan eateries.


Visiting Larvik in some of my free weekends.

Going to Spain with the family


Mountain/car trip to the Vest of Norway, going on a few different hikes. 

I love to plan a lot, with plans constantly changing as I change my mind. My mind is a tornado of ideas and thoughts, so this next months I´m trying to tell my self to slow down the planning, just be more present & take the opportunities as they come at me. 






With spring comes the beautiful yellow dandelions, they pop up everywhere and most people dont think much of them. I´m here to change your opinion on that. The dandelion is a super great plant that has real health benefits, especially the root of the flower.

The dandelion root is a great, to mention a few amazing uses for it; detoxifier of our digestive system, liver, gallbladder & its also a powerful antioxidant. The amazing thing is that you can just go out and pick it yourself, so its a complete free super food right outside of your door.

The best way to use the root, is to dry it, pick it into tiny small pieces and boil it. I decided to add in a few other amazing elements to my elixir, to get a kick ass super healthy daily booster.

turmeric root, ginger root, black pepper & chilli. 


I add the black pepper because it makes it much easier for the body to absorb the health benefits of turmeric, it increases the observation with app 2000%, which is insanely high, so no point leaving it out.  



Chop the turmeric, ginger and dandelion root into small pieces, add it into the pot with water.

Crush the black peppers or use a pepper cracker.

Chop the fresh chilli, just add after your liking of spice, I like it pretty spicy so Ill add a reasonable amount.

Let it all boil and then simmer for a while, 1-2h.

Let it cool down before you strain it with a cloth, to get all the pieces out. I´m leaving it to cool all day, as I´m busy for the rest of the day.


To make sure we dont waist any part of the brew, try to blend all the little pieces with some new water in a blender, drain it again, so hopefully you can still get some final juice out of the ingredients.

Your end result will look like this 




I´m  a dedicated podcast listener, specially  self-improvement / self-growth & spirituality, and on the other side of the scale; true crime podcasts. I mostly listen to podcast when I commute, as I find it a great way to keep occupied with something useful while travelling, instead of just scrolling through Facebook/Instagram looking at non-useful content.


My absolute favourite spiritual and self-growth podcast at this current time, is “Highest Self” podcast. The host is a female called Sahara Rose, who talk about many interesting aspects of spirituality and how to become your highest self, and she also interviews interesting people.


Check out the website clicking the image under, to find out more about Sahara, the podcast and her messages to us.

I use Podcast Player from Castbox; you find it in your app store/play store and it is free.






Donating your time and energy to a group or organisation that works for things you believe in is a great way to give back. Giving money is obviously a great contribution, and most organisations would not be able to do their amazing work without money from people. However your time is also a precious thing to contribute.

I signed up as a volunteer for Norway´s largest animal rights groups, NOAH.
I´m joining them whenever I can and I find this is a great way to really give back and support the animal rights, which is one thing I´m extremly passionate about.. It is also a beautiful way to connect with like-minded people, share ideas, visions and passions.

Check out NOAH`S work by clicking on the image above, and if you dont support a animal welfare group yet, become a contributor too. ♥






Hi lovelies, just wanna check in to let you know that Bali/ Nusa is amazing, but most of my time is dedicated to the learning of the yogi system & lifestyle, so I´ve decided to not feel any pressure on updating the blog frequently. Whenever I have time and I feel like it I will do a little update. In the meantime I´ll focus 100% on this life changing journey that I´m on. This is the best decision I´ve made, next to moving to Australia five years ago.

Much love from paradise



I used to do regular “summaries” of the months as they passed and realised I havent done that for quite some time. Doing a summary of the winter therefore seemed more fitting, as it is finally over, and it has been a bit of a wild one I have to say.



The absolute worst and toughest part this winter was going through a break-up, especially when you choose to break-up with a person you actually still want to be together with. But our goals and needs became to different and to difficult for us o to please. Life is a strange puzzle, and sometimes you have to accept that the pieces you so desperately want to fit is not fitting, even though it might look like they do. Maybe we just need some time apart, who knows.


One really great thing about this winter is that I´ve been doing more skiing than I ever can remember, which have been a great escape. I love being in nature, especially the mountains.


A puzzle that worked out really well, was that I was so lucky to move into my friend Frida´s apartment. This have been so good for me. I love spending time with her, and we just have so much crazy fun together and really understand each other, with good and bad.


This winter I finally made the decision to follow one of many dreams, with many more to follow when this one is achieved. Deciding to take my yoga to the next level, I´m flying to Indonesia in two weeks, completing the first level of becoming a certified yoga instructor. Living in a word where it is to easy to just do what is expected of you, and follow the main stream, I cant explain how good it feels to choose a different way of living.