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It´s the time of year that these beautiful tree´s are flowering deep purple flowers around Sydney.

It means Summer is upon us, more light in the evenings and good energies in the air and it does make you feel great. Seeing the nature flower reminds me of how fragile it is, being constantly abused by humans. Take a step back look around you, stop abusing, start appreciating and slow down your lifestyle.


Before we can change our current life patterns,


The soul tests us to see if we have learned from them.


If we can recognise the underlying needs that allowed that pattern to repeat,


Then we can transition into the next phase of our life.


A phrase of awareness to enlighten your life, just as it enlightened my life.


 Phrase borrowed from @sustainable_human /instagram

Can I justify it? I´m not sure. But I decide to let go and live in the moment I´m in right now, not hold on to worries or mistakes of the past.


One thing that I´ve been feeling awful about is my previous purchases of new leather goods. I do not buy any leather goods new anymore, secondhand though, I do. I do still use my leather goods that I did not buy secondhand, simple because what is done is done, I rather live in this current moment, and look forward.

I can criticise myself as much as I like, make myself feel bad for decisions I have made, but it will not change the past anyway.

pa281151 pa281152


The beauty of life is that we will always make mistakes and you got to choose if you will learn from them or not. I choose to learn from the things that I see as mistakes in my life. We all have our own demons to deal with, yours different than mine. Hopefully you can manage to let go of the worries of the past and live in the moment.


Lets Live In The Moment

Hi Lovelies!

We have had some really nice days the last week, unfortunately I´ve had a pretty full schedule with uni and work, almost half way through this trimester, which is crazy. Time is flying, and there is still much that needs to be done. With that said, I can not complain, I´m enjoying every busy step of the way, especially now, being so close to the end of my bachelor.

– My favourite outfit from this week –


– Wearing anything but black makes me the happiest –



Jumper is Secondhand love



Skirt is secondhand love



 Enjoy your weekend beautiful people!

Hi Lovelies!

Monday again, let´s start the week motivated and positive. I´m starting mine with sharing this amazing new company with you guys!

A sustainable lifestyle is a really important matter, that I´m very passionate about, something I´ve had a strong focus on for the last 5 -6 years. When I started my Branded Fashion Design Bachelor I became even more aware of the negative impact fashion has on our planet, animals & the people involved in the industry.


One of the reason I decided to chose a degree within fashion design & branding is because I have a real passion to make a better future, I love individual style and clothing and I do believe it is still possible to change peoples value system and make a more environmental friendly fashion future.


A few months back I came a cross this new Norwegian Company that is launching this Autumn. They are called FJONG, and they are encouraging people to buy less and supporting a more sustainable fashion industry. They are offering a great service that will double or triple your wardrobe, in a sustainable way! You can simply rent or rent-out your wardrobe via FJONG. Need a dress for a special occasion? Going on Holiday and want something “new” to wear? FJONG makes it all possible! We all buy to much, especially fast fashion, but the truth is most of our wardrobe is just hanging there in the closet. With FJONG you can make money putting your clothes up for rent, make someone happy, make yourself happy having that beautiful handbag you wanted. Never grow tired of your clothes and most important, stop the extreme buying habits we have.


Only my small country of about 5 mill people, our clothing consumption have the same pollution rate as 800.000 cars?! That is such a high number, which needs to go down. Our shopping and lifestyle habits are slowly killing our planet, it has to stop. What FJONG is doing is great, it has made me even more exited about moving back to Norway next year, so I can join the FJONG movement. In the mean time I´m keeping my shopping very limited, purchasing second hand and ethical as much as possible. Are you living in Norway? Time to become a “Fjongster”.

Follow them on Facebook, Instagram & sign up as a member at their website. FJONG   



My outfit post for this week did not go as planned, it just started raining pretty heavy, we did not have time to wait for it to stop, so I only got some detail shots. Well Well, there are more important things in life than outfit posts. Yesterday was catch-up drinks with my Norwegian girlfriends!

We had a few drinks last night and it feels too great to have a few hours of Norwegian talk once in a while. I do have to say I love speaking English, and to me English just flows better than Norwegian does, but still. It does help for the homesickness and being surrounded by someone more like you, is something you will appreciate when you dont have it as often.

Hope you are enjoying your Friday!

Some details of my colour blocking yesterday

pa131089 pa131091 pa131092 pa131098



Spring has hit Sydney, with almost 30 degrees yesterday, what a beautiful afternoon we had!

I´ve spent most of my week at uni and in front of my mac, so I needed a break. Jens and I decided to test drive our new scooter bike, and went for a few early afternoon drinks to enjoy the arrival of spring. I love wearing colour, so yesterday was a perfect day for my awesome second-hand green “leather” jacket.

pa071069 pa071071 pa071075

Life is Short. Live Passionately.

pa071072 pa071074

x Enjoy your weekend beautiful people x

Days are becoming longer, so we are finally getting to enjoy the afternoon sun again, take advantage of a few extra hours of light. Outside exercise, walking in the park and my favourite of them all, going down by the beach when the crowds of people are gone, and just watch the ocean and the colours of the sky slowly change. Those moments are never the same, they are all so magical. It is to easy to take these happenings for granted and forget to enjoy the moments, so next time you are doing something you do every week, or you do once in a while; really enjoy, remind yourself how amazing it is and see it with “new eyes”.

p9271020 p9271021 p9271030 p9271022


My passion for style and dressing always comes back to thinking sustainable and make conscious choices, still keeping my taste and fashion style the way I love it. My top/dress is a vintage dress, the pearls I bought from a local seller in Bali, skirt has been in my wardrobe for about 6 years and the shoes I recently bought as my boyfriend complained I never wore sneakers.


Photo credit: Jens Broers

Happy weekend to everyone!

I already posted about these pants a few months back, about how much I love them, how extremely comfy they are and the amazing fit, to not forget colour! I usually wear pants /jeans maybe 1 out of 7 days. So finding a pair that I love that much is rare, so Ill probably wear them to death, good summer is just around the corner here.


Hope your day is magical and unexpected, I´m off to wine & game night with friends here in Sydney.

p9241020 p9241021 p9241023 p9241026

Photo credit: Jens Broers (partner in crime)

This outfit was on my last day in Bali, It suited perfectly as some of the holiday did not turn out as great. We had some difficulty along the way, so I decided that wearing this happy positive dress on our last day was a symbol of changing attitude and perspective. Leaving the frustration and negativity behind, working on self-growth, being open for new ideas, other peoples perspectives and move away from bad habits.


– Positive Thinking –


– Attitude Change –


– Gratefulness –


– Openness –


Wearing hats are never a bad idea, I belive a hat can be the best accessory and you dont need to ad much more. Simply having a great hat one, makes the outfit.

p9140907 p9140908 p9140909 p9140954 p9140961 p9141018