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Hi lovelies, the island life is really doing it´s magic. Taking time off social media and internet for a week- or two is great for your body and soul. I will keep the slow pace until I´m back in Sydney, preparing for a new busy trimester.

Maxi dress – straw hat – feathers – no shoes

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Lace is never a bad idea, especially when you are holidaying by the coast. Lace is one of my favourite styles, and old second hand / vintage clothing with lace details, are always a winner.

I managed to get a bad cold for a couple of days, but felt a bit better today, so happy to enjoy a good dinner and some wine, after to much time spent in bed, I´m back on my feet, and will try to post more the next coming days/weeks.

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Everyone need a little bit of velvet in their life. My opinion anyway…

I have a real struggle with giving my clothes away, what I´m wearing is at least 5 years old, I buy fashion for the sake of keep, not so much trend, and therefore I always find a good reason to wear something I bought ages ago. My velvet top was a dress until last week, as I was in a mood for change, and simply cut it in two. Love those moments when I get the instant idea of changing a top, or a dress.

I needed to escape those assessments for a few hours, friends of ours invited us over for dinner last night, so perfect excuse. My brain even worked better today, good to get a break in a busy period, finding some new motivation.

P8180710 P8180712P8180711    P8180708

The perfect everyday boot that is sustainable, comfortable, good price and water proof. I was actually looking for a new pair of rain boots, for city wear. As Sydney over all has good weather, we get occasional rain and storms. So having a pair of city rain boots have been a need since my old pair died on me at a gig last year.

My new boots are of the brand Melissa, which is a sustainable all rubber shoe brand. Only using recycled rubber, no animals or humans need to suffer. The shoes are amazing and so comfortable.

2016-07-19 02.06.05 1

2016-07-19 02.06.08 1

2016-08-10 09.31.50 1

The ocean, and the mountains, my two favourite places to be, I could not live without either two. I´m not religious, but if I was, then ocean and mountains would be my true religion. It somehow presents you the answer you search, saves you from your fears and gives you back your strength and courage.

 2016-08-14 05.04.48 1 2016-08-14 05.04.45 12016-08-14 05.04.45 2

The week has come to an end, I´m sorry there has not been that many outfit posts so far on the blog, but Ill get better. The last few weeks has really just been work, work, work & study, study, study. I´m at the end of my trimester, so are working my way through my four finals for this term. I´m also doing my detox until Wednesday, so no big plans the coming days. Anyway, we had a friends birthday Thursday, so it was good to get my head off finals and work for a few hours.

Wearing a beautiful knit that I got second, it is really warm, but stil elegant. So perfect for a late night dinner when it´s still a bit chilli out..

2016-08-11 04.38.22 1

  2016-08-12 08.11.00 1

2016-08-12 08.11.06 1

2016-08-12 08.11.01 1

Can´t belive it is already 4 weeks since I left my family at the airport in Singapore.. Back in Sydney and life is back to normal, studies, work, friends everyday life, also a little more grateful for having a family that does not make me feel bad for my decisions.

 Over the past three years, I´ve really come to  appreciate little things, I have to make myself happy before I can make anyone around me happy, and you should not follow the road that you know is expected of you. My road was supposedly; Work, figure out what you wanna study, study, go on a little backpacker trip, cause travel is good for you, come back and live a normal life, work, buy a house, get married..

I´m happy I chose the unexpected road.





We are starting to have spring arrive in store; at work. And there are so many pretty things, cant wait to walk around with bare legs again. As for those who belive Australia is warm all year round, it is depending on where you are. Sydney – is not. winter is from June – end of August and it dips bellow 10 degrees, even from May you would not really wear summer clothing anymore. So it is not bare leg weather these days. Hopefully mid September I´ll be back on the beach.

– Have a fabulous weekend everyone, Ill be working and dreaming of spring to arrive –

2016-07-22 05.44.05 1

2016-07-26 11.20.34 1

I usually never wear pants or jeans, as I just dont find it comfortable and because I just love dressing feminine. However if I do buy pants, it is rarely denim jeans and they need to be a bit different to get my attention, I finally found a pair I just love. They make you look super good, they are so comfortable, not to expensive, barely stretch and easy to wash.

The brand is called refuge denim, and it is an Australian label.

 2016-08-03 03.16.17 1 IMG_20160803_153515 IMG_20160803_1535322016-08-03 03.16.24 1IMG_20160803_153717

I love my luxury goods, simply because of great quality. Being a “poor” student, who constantly try to do the best for environment, animals and the human resources involved; I´m always questioning my choices and what I stand for. I´m far away from perfect, but I have really worked hard to become better, and I do everyday. I have therefore decided to not buy any new expensive leather bags anymore. From now on I buy new sustainable or  I buy second hand. A few weeks ago, doing some vintage/second hand browsing, I came over this beautiful brown leather hand bag, similar to the LV – NOE, but it was a Celine. Great quality, great price & second hand, I got it.

Buying second hand is for many a  negative experience, as you dont get a new product, you dont get the smell of a new product or people often assume that second hand is not of good quality or as good as new. All these aspects should be replaced with ALL the great values of second hand. There is a never ending list of them; Unique products, great quality – if it is “old second hand”, ethical and better for the environment and often money saving to mention a few.

Next time you doubt the second hand shopping, change your attitude.

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