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I usually never wear pants or jeans, as I just dont find it comfortable and because I just love dressing feminine. However if I do buy pants, it is rarely denim jeans and they need to be a bit different to get my attention, I finally found a pair I just love. They make you look super good, they are so comfortable, not to expensive, barely stretch and easy to wash.

The brand is called refuge denim, and it is an Australian label.

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I love my luxury goods, simply because of great quality. Being a “poor” student, who constantly try to do the best for environment, animals and the human resources involved; I´m always questioning my choices and what I stand for. I´m far away from perfect, but I have really worked hard to become better, and I do everyday. I have therefore decided to not buy any new expensive leather bags anymore. From now on I buy new sustainable or  I buy second hand. A few weeks ago, doing some vintage/second hand browsing, I came over this beautiful brown leather hand bag, similar to the LV – NOE, but it was a Celine. Great quality, great price & second hand, I got it.

Buying second hand is for many a  negative experience, as you dont get a new product, you dont get the smell of a new product or people often assume that second hand is not of good quality or as good as new. All these aspects should be replaced with ALL the great values of second hand. There is a never ending list of them; Unique products, great quality – if it is “old second hand”, ethical and better for the environment and often money saving to mention a few.

Next time you doubt the second hand shopping, change your attitude.

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– Loving the fringe trend –

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My favourite (one favourite) thing this week, was wearing these gorgeous wedge sandals, I´ve had them almost two years, and crazy enough this was the first time I actually wore them (as putting them on walking around the house for 10 min now and then, does not count). Strange how you can have such beautiful shoes in your possession and not had the right moment to wear them..

IMG_7317 IMG_7319 IMG_7320

This holiday has been more about great locations and experiences than outfits, but I got one for you lovelies, I love dressing for the beach, but still feel like I can stop by a bar for a cocktail or a little shopping spree, which is essential on holidays without looking to “beachy”. This is from our stop in Noosa Heads, a little beach town close to Sunshine coast, QLD.

IMG_7323 IMG_7324 IMG_7325 IMG_7321P7060499 P7060498


My lovely friend got me this beautiful beach bag before my holiday, it has come in very handy, great size, can fit everything I need, it looks beautiful & the holes are big enough for all the sand to filter out again after a visit to the beach and it looks great not just for the beach, but for a little esplanade walk after.

IMG_7325 copy

IMG_7315 IMG_7316





I´ve spent the last 3 + years living in a place where the sun is shining almost every day, and there are only 3 months that are to cold for being in a bikini ( even less if you go up the coast) This have made me slightly obsessed with bikinis and beautiful beach wear. Going up the coast in a few weeks, being a good reason for a new bikini purchase, or two. These are a few of my favourite labels…


Courtesy of

For Love and Lemons http://www.forloveandlemons.com/ –  Ohana Swim http://ohanaswim.com.au/  & Vitamin A https://vitaminaswim.com/

One of my lovely co-workers gave me this “bracelet” when she came back from her home; Peru, as it actually was a key chain, I thought it was to pretty for a key chain and wore it as a bracelet, maybe a statement necklace tomorrow…?

Find your creative & playful mind, dont go through life all to serious 

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Finally starting to feel like autumn here in Sydney, hoping we´ll get some more of this weather, so there are no excuses for having snuggles on the sofa.

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