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Last weekend was spent with deep conversations over all aspects of life, love, mindfulness and how we apply it into our daily life. It is such a privilege to be able to converse about such interesting themes with someone who finds it just as interesting as oneself. I love having my mind and thoughts challenged, so I can have my mind expanded and opened to receive more knowledge and develop a deeper spiritual connection. A deeper connection to myself, other minds and the natural elements that we are surrounded by.

Challenge your mind – challenge your body – Challenge your surroundings – Challenge everything




Happy Summer days to all wonderful beautiful humans out there. Hope you are having an amazing time wherever you are, loving your life and the path you are on right at this moment. I´m having a little weekend get a way at my childhood home, this place is just heaven on earth in the Summer. I´m truly blessed to be able to come home to this place and feel this peace that settles in me every time I´m here.


This month I felt like sharing a cleaning / kitchen essential eco tip with you lovelies. Washing clothes is something every household have in their kitchen, and many people tend to purchase the cheap packs of cloth´s that you only use for a couple of times before they end up in the garbage. This is such a unnecessary waist, that is super easy to avoid. My mother solved this problem i few yeas a go by simply knitting her own cotton cloths that can be put in the washing machine after a few times use, then its good to go again. This is much more environmental friendly and they also look so much better than the cheap once you buy at the store.

If you dont know how to knit yourself or you have no one who can do it for you; check out this page they have some cute once, or Ebay is a good source as well.




I was lucky enough to discover Oslo Community Mindfulness at the beginning of this year. I was searching for meditation practises around Oslo, in desperate need of rebalancing and grounding. It was a time in my life when I were in much need of finding stillness, letting go of emotions and feelings I was holding onto so tight, that I was losing myself in them. I could not have asked for a better time to discover this amazing group, I believe that things come to you when its the right time for it and when you are open to receiving.

Oslo Community Mindfulness is a free meditation and mindful gathering in Oslo. We meet once a week no obligations, you come as you are and you meditate in the presence of everyone else who comes to the gathering. We also have mindful conversations after the meditation practise, which is a beautiful way to close the meditation with. I have attended it for six months now, and it has truly made such a huge impact to my life. I have also become apart of the facilitation group, so I´m leading the meetings on occasions, which is great for the self-development journey that I am on.

Check out our Facebook page 


If you are passing by Oslo or if you live here,  feel free to join our Facebook group and come to a meeting whenever you feel like its your time to join us.





The last year has been a journey of exploring, creating, developing new interesting friendships and relations, much self-reflection and working on self-growth and finding true contentment with anything that happens in my life. I personally believe that this is a ongoing job, whenever we think we have reached that perfect state, then we will realise there is more to achieve, more work to be done. I´ve reached a point in my life where I´m starting to understand what I want and who I am as a person, which makes me want to keep exploring, growing & achieving.

I completed my very first yoga class this week, and it was feeding the fire inside, sharing one of my many passions with more people. After the sequence I knew that I just completed another very small step in the right direction of becoming my true self. We are humans capable of doing amazing work, we just have to start believing in ourselves and start doing the work. I believe that the more you feel that fire inside of you, the harder you’ll work to achieve that feeling again and again, until you might live, breath and do it daily.

Seek what sets your soul on fire, make it your true self, live breath and be that fire. 

“I cant pretend to be a lion;
Able to concur the enemy.
To master myself would be enough.”






Humans spend most of their time on their feet, laying down or seated, we usually do not spend much time upside down. I believe we all can benefit from turning our world upside down and reverse our blood flow & our point of view. Doing headstands or shoulder-stands are a great way to practise reversing our perspective and  it has many great benefits to your body & soul.

I do not recommend you to jump straight into headstands or shoulder-stands if you have no previous experience with it, practise this postures with long time yogis or qualified yoga teacher, someone who can guide you, then progressing to using the wall before you move onto full versions. Doing these postures wrong can cause injuries, so make sure you respect your own body by practising safe.

A few benefits of headstand

Reversing the blood flow, improving blood flow to head, eyes and scalp.

Relief stress

Improve your digestive system

Improve core, arm and shoulder strength.

Help remove toxics from your blood system.

If you are interested in learning more, check out this helpful link below.






The best of everything in a week. I got to spend some time at home swimming in the ocean and doing morning yoga, then I went up in the mountains for a couple of mesmerising hikes, swimming in the freezing cold mountain rivers. Continued with two amazing days at a private camp/ festival in the forest on the riverbank, with amazing girlfriends and connecting with new beautiful people.

All of this equals so much happiness, love and gratitude towards life, it is just unbelievable how amazing it can be.

Sherpas are doing such amazing work making the mountains more available to everyone who wants to experience the magic of mountains. Make sure you send some gratitude to them next time you go hiking.

“Someday our souls will be one 
and our union will be forever.
I know that everything I give you, will come back to me.
So I give you my life. Hoping that you will come back to me.”





Weekend is almost over, but if you live like me you hopefully dont just wait for the weekend to start then hating on life again once its over. Live in the moment, do things you like and love everyday of your life. Yes the weekends allows more time and freedom to fully explore and embrace the things you love doing, but it is important to incorporate this into your everyday life.

I had such a great day visiting the botanical gardens here in Oslo, they offer free guided tours every Sunday all Summer, and in July & August you get them both in english and in Norwegian.


Cool down with organic ginger beer or heavenly Kombucha 

Hugging magnificent ancient trees, a beautiful way to feel grounded and connected to earth

Feel like you are in a tropical place just for a little while





Hope you are all having a great week, enjoying yourself with work, friends, holiday or anything else you might be up to.

Summer in Europe means, thousands of people going on holidays, maybe even several holidays. Travel means, more CO2 is being pumped out into our surroundings, which means more pollution. Flying obviously being the worst of all travel methods that we chose. I personally do love travelling, so I cant say that I will never fly somewhere ever again, I also know that most people feel the same way. However we can improve our ways of travelling if we are a little bit more mindful.


Stay away for longer periods when you first fly somewhere, try avoiding flying somewhere just for a weekend trip.


Use public transport when you can, even on holidays, unless you are 4-5 people filling up your own rental car.


Walk or rent bikes instead of jumping in a taxi.


If you are travelling for longer periods, make sure you don´t fly domestic or across to a country that is close by,  take a train or busses instead. 




We are already half way through June, blessed with several weeks of beautiful weather which have enchanted Oslo, everything has blossomed to life.

I have not made to many plans for this Summer, as I´ve decided to work a lot until January, planning a new long trip from beginning of January until whenever, cant wait to share more of this with you lovelies.

I have a few plans for the next months, but I just take the weeks as the come, there is a lot happening in Oslo the next months, so its just fun to take each weeks as they happen, with the occasional planned happenings.


Hiking at our cabin 

Exploring Oslo´s nature spots & vegan eateries.


Visiting Larvik in some of my free weekends.

Going to Spain with the family


Mountain/car trip to the Vest of Norway, going on a few different hikes. 

I love to plan a lot, with plans constantly changing as I change my mind. My mind is a tornado of ideas and thoughts, so this next months I´m trying to tell my self to slow down the planning, just be more present & take the opportunities as they come at me. 






It has been about one month since I completed my yoga teacher training in Bali. I have been practising everyday, some days only 10 minutes but I have been doing it everyday. When I left Bali I knew that my practise would not be as it were during my time there. Here everyday life is happening at the same time, so somedays 10 minutes is all that is manageable, but my teacher in Bali said;

Practise everyday, even if it is only for 7 minutes.

So I intend to keep that promise. 

My self practise is one of my most important priorities, which I intend to keep as part of my daily life routine. I´m feeling the power of the work I put into it, it is a vibrant flow of energy.
Everything is a work in progress, I believe I will never reach a final stage where there is no more to achieve, but this is such a motivation to keep learning, reaching higher and improving, because there is always a new level to reach.