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Good morning divine souls of the universe, love and compassion to you all from my heart and my soul on this amazing day. A new day of new opportunities and life. I´ve previous spoken about if you truly want to embark on a journey of yoga you need to practise everyday, even if it is only for 7 minutes. The 7 minutes of yoga is the physical yoga, the movement of asana. However yoga should not be about the movement alone, it is a lifestyle, a life choice. The lifestyle of yoga is a constant practise, a philosophy of how to live, the 8 limbs of yoga which will / can lead you to eternal bliss.

The world we live in today is a challenge for the true practise of yoga, as there are so many influences around us that is not aligning with the yoga practise and the moral philosophy of yoga. Society today might not align with the yogi lifestyle, but if you truly believe in the philosophy and see the benefit, you will manage to find a balance of living in this modern world while practising yoga. Aligning your yogi path with the modern lifestyle.

My personal experience with my yoga practise is balancing the practise of yoga while I have or go on holiday. In my day to day life I´ve managed to find a really good balance of living in this time and age integrating the yoga to all aspects of it. I´m still not succeeding 100% at all times, but I´m constantly working on improving.  Holiday ´s can be more tricky, depending on the type of holiday I often find it harder to eat as clean and healthy as I should, and give myself enough alone time to work on my meditation practise and my journey inward. I believe the issue lies with my fear of missing out, so when I´m going on holiday I want to do and see as much as possible vs when I´m travelling for longer periods I can really give myself time to relax and dive deeper into my yogi lifestyle. Longer trips and journeys are much more beneficial for my practise than so called “normal” holidays, so my solution to this is having more long travels than holidays.

Less holiday – more travel – more connected – less fluctuations of the mind





Being in nature is one of the key elements to happy and healthy life, so go out and spend more time in your organic surroundings. I´m spending time outside wherever I go and when I can choose I usually choose destinations away from main cities. I´m a nature traveller at heart not a city traveller. We have been surrounded by much amazing nature and lovely small towns here in Spain. So much character, use of natural elements on all structures. A range of different flowers, trees and cactuses, especially all the olive trees in the hillside, its stunning. Cliffs surrounding the little port towns, meeting the crystal blue ocean.
Connecting  air to earth to water.

 Pollenca & Port of Pollenca


Soller & Port De Soller

The biggest mountain area


Porto Cristo area 




Hola from Spain.
I´m on a family vacation exploring the part of Mallorca that has less nordic tourists, and a real feeling of being in Spain. Living in a rustic AirBnb with views of mountains and nature. Our closest neighbour’s are out of sight, so its very much like being all alone on the countryside, with roosters waking us up in the morning. It is perfect location between the little Port town Pollenca on one side and the old town Pollenca on the other side. We are not much of a laying on the beach type of family, so we have a car going around exploring, which my restless soul is very pleased with.

Something as simple as
the sun asking me out
the perfect


– Nayyirah Waheed




The best of everything in a week. I got to spend some time at home swimming in the ocean and doing morning yoga, then I went up in the mountains for a couple of mesmerising hikes, swimming in the freezing cold mountain rivers. Continued with two amazing days at a private camp/ festival in the forest on the riverbank, with amazing girlfriends and connecting with new beautiful people.

All of this equals so much happiness, love and gratitude towards life, it is just unbelievable how amazing it can be.

Sherpas are doing such amazing work making the mountains more available to everyone who wants to experience the magic of mountains. Make sure you send some gratitude to them next time you go hiking.

“Someday our souls will be one 
and our union will be forever.
I know that everything I give you, will come back to me.
So I give you my life. Hoping that you will come back to me.”





Weekend is almost over, but if you live like me you hopefully dont just wait for the weekend to start then hating on life again once its over. Live in the moment, do things you like and love everyday of your life. Yes the weekends allows more time and freedom to fully explore and embrace the things you love doing, but it is important to incorporate this into your everyday life.

I had such a great day visiting the botanical gardens here in Oslo, they offer free guided tours every Sunday all Summer, and in July & August you get them both in english and in Norwegian.


Cool down with organic ginger beer or heavenly Kombucha 

Hugging magnificent ancient trees, a beautiful way to feel grounded and connected to earth

Feel like you are in a tropical place just for a little while





Hope you are all having a great week, enjoying yourself with work, friends, holiday or anything else you might be up to.

Summer in Europe means, thousands of people going on holidays, maybe even several holidays. Travel means, more CO2 is being pumped out into our surroundings, which means more pollution. Flying obviously being the worst of all travel methods that we chose. I personally do love travelling, so I cant say that I will never fly somewhere ever again, I also know that most people feel the same way. However we can improve our ways of travelling if we are a little bit more mindful.


Stay away for longer periods when you first fly somewhere, try avoiding flying somewhere just for a weekend trip.


Use public transport when you can, even on holidays, unless you are 4-5 people filling up your own rental car.


Walk or rent bikes instead of jumping in a taxi.


If you are travelling for longer periods, make sure you don´t fly domestic or across to a country that is close by,  take a train or busses instead. 




We are already half way through June, blessed with several weeks of beautiful weather which have enchanted Oslo, everything has blossomed to life.

I have not made to many plans for this Summer, as I´ve decided to work a lot until January, planning a new long trip from beginning of January until whenever, cant wait to share more of this with you lovelies.

I have a few plans for the next months, but I just take the weeks as the come, there is a lot happening in Oslo the next months, so its just fun to take each weeks as they happen, with the occasional planned happenings.


Hiking at our cabin 

Exploring Oslo´s nature spots & vegan eateries.


Visiting Larvik in some of my free weekends.

Going to Spain with the family


Mountain/car trip to the Vest of Norway, going on a few different hikes. 

I love to plan a lot, with plans constantly changing as I change my mind. My mind is a tornado of ideas and thoughts, so this next months I´m trying to tell my self to slow down the planning, just be more present & take the opportunities as they come at me. 






My time in Indonesia have almost come to an end. At least for this time around, however that does not mean my spiritual journey will end. It has only just begun, I cant wait to continue down this road of life changing experiences that lay ahead. I´ve learnt so much about myself the last weeks, made new amazing inspiring friends, that I will be grateful to forever & learnt the true meaning of yoga. I´m overwhelmed, so much to process and take in, keep growing within the spiritual practise, hoping to inspire more people to join me on this amazing journey. I cant wait to share more of my new journey with you guys soon and the true meaning of a yogic lifestyle.








My mind, soul and body is on this amazing journey learning and processing so many interesting and amazing concepts. Learning to connect with myself on a new level, connecting with other like minded individuals.

The Teacher training retreat is on Nusa Lembongan, Island outside of Bali, at a little bungalow resort called Agung Bungalows. It is right on the beach, with our shala facing the ocean. This journey is really taking me to new places within myself and I`m so grateful to be here with this people that I´m doing it together with.




Its Tuesday night here in Oslo, I just came home from work, meditation meeting and lovely dinner with a girl from the meditation. We went to a an amazing vegan place here in Oslo, perfect last day before a month in paradise with in depth yoga practise.


I´m packed and ready to go, trying to bring as little as possible. Most days will be filled up with yoga, meditation, learning, group work and self practise, so not much time for other activities. So packing has been really easy this time, the essentials are all the training gear; gym clothes, yoga mats, books, assessments and the rest of the booklets provided. Apart from that I´ve brought a couple of long lose dresses, beachwear and light tops and skirts for when we have som time off to explore.


Blessing from a pretty nervous and exited yoga enthusiast