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Jens and I are in Tasmania, a small Island that belongs to Australia, and we have not had wifi for several days, pretty amazing.

Just wanted to check in, with a little travel update. We have three main destinations to visit here in Tasmania, Ill give you a good update on all of them in a new post in a few days. In the mean time I´m going to enjoy a few more days of beautiful nature, before we have a few last nights in Sydney; then Australia adventures is over for this time..



Over the easter weekend Jens and I went up the coast with some friends, such a beautiful day spent out of the busy city. I honestly can´t wait to live a bit more secluded and closer to nature again, I love city life but I think I love nature life even more in the long run.

For easter we drove up Central Coast and to Lake Macquarie. As we planned it a bit last minute a few of the activities we wanted to do was unfortunately booked out, but we still made it a fun day.

One of our stops was a park area that is surrounded by wild Kangaroos and they love interacting with humans, especially when we come with bananas. I love seeing animals in the wild, as that is where they should be.

How cute is this little one?

Photos by Jens



Have a lovely week people, getting back to normal after some easter fun

I´m feeling the urge to move, explore and venture new places. My hearth is beating fast for  new adventure. A little change. A big change. I´m restless, impatient and hungry for more. Seeking change and surprise, more challenge and less routine.
My soul dies if standing still for to long.

lyrics taken from Passenger

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Hope you are having a wonderful weekend


Honestly, when do you really go out and explore and venture your own city?

Probably not nearly enough. Just walking around, taking it all in. Appreciating your surroundings. I do not do it often enough, somehow life just gets in the way of it all. You have your routines, work, exercise, friends, family. We stick to the places we know and feel comfortable at, what we are used to.

Jens and I went on a little adventure last weekend, Saturday we spent down in the oldest part of Sydney, The Rocks, opposite the Opera house, and its really nice. Almost the only place where you find really old original buildings, just watching the harbour bridge from underneath it is pretty cool, and not to forget walking across it to the other side, seeing the beautiful harbour from a different perspective.

All photo credit: Jens Broers

I think Sydney is one of the most beautiful big cities I´ve ever seen, the harbour is just breathtaking. I know there are so many beautiful cities around the world, that is much more beautiful than Sydney, when it comes to actually construction and buildings. The reason I found Sydney so beautiful, is because of the amazing balance of “big city life” with all its nature surroundings, coast line and how all the suburbs away from the CBD has really great venues (shops, cafes, pubs, restaurants) for all kinds of people.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend, here comes a little photo gallery from our stay at Moreton Island.

We had such a great time at Moreton, staying in glamping tents, just 2 min from the beach. The glamping tents are super comfy, you have your own private bathroom with hot shower in the tent, a double bed, lights and a nice little deck outside. All run by solar power, which is great! No internet connection making the stay just what I needed. Moreton is miles and miles of white sandy beaches, green scenery, dolphin´s, turtles and other sea life. Investing money in travel and adventure, rather than materialistic “bullshit” is giving my life so much more meaning and happiness, finding joy and pleasure in our surroundings, rather than my things.

Simply paradise.

How often we take for granted what we have, and that we don´t appreciate the simple things, this trip was a great reminder of how I will be more aware in my life.

Happy New Year lovely people, hope your 2017 has had a good start.

We are waiting for our flight back to Sydney, after our trip up the coast, visiting Brisbane and Moreton Island. With barley any reception the last couple of days, life has been wonderful, not worrying about the world out there, social media or blogging. Simply enjoying a book, playing games and have quality time with Jens.

I find myself being a very caring person, I overall always try to do the right thing, share awareness about all the many bad things and good things, that are happening in our world. My mind is constantly worrying about what I can do better, how I can help and how I can share. So to be able to go away for a few days, just worry about the two of us, and just be happy and grateful, have been such a energy boost, one person can not simply save the world alone, and honestly that´s what it feels like sometimes, like your are in it all alone. But 2017 has had a great start, my energy levels have been boosted, I´m ready to keep up my passion for a better place, sharing and spreading the causes I believe in. First I´ll share a few of the best parts of our stay in Brisbane, Moreton Island will come in a different post.

Brisbane is a very average city, pretty small for a big city, with easy walking access to the main areas, just put some good shoes one, as your feet will hurt, especially with the heat and humidity. South Bank and the museum on that side was the best part, and walking across the bridge at night and watch the city and river from Kangaroo Point. It is over all a very clean and nice looking city, with close access to nature.

South Bank



City by night

Enjoy the rest of your holiday beautiful people.

We are flying to Brisbane in a few hours, two nights in Brisbane, then making our way out to an Island called Moreton Island. Moreton is an all sand dune Island, with great snorkelling and outdoor activity opportunities. We can´t wait to get out of the city, enjoy some relaxing, nature, games and good food and drinks. The New Years long weekend is always expensive, so instead of going for a really nice resort / hotel, we are doing something called glamping, glamorous camping. So you are sleeping in a big tent, with your own private bathroom with hot shower, a nice queen size bed, an veranda and just a few meters from the beach. New adventures ahead.



Hope you are doing something enjoyable over the holidays

Happy Wednesday everyone!

We had a great little adventure this past weekend, to Jervis Bay, a lovely 3h drive from Sydney. City life can really strangle you if you don´t get yourself out amongst beautiful nature. Jervis Bay offered just what we needed, a great scenic drive, one of the whitest beach in the world, dolphins and great nature hikes.

Unfortunately we forgot our camera charger, so most images from this weekend are phone taken.

One of the beaches with the whites sand in the world

2016-11-21-04-56-57-1 2016-11-20-01-19-38-1

Dolphin spotting, our amazing Airbnb hosts took us out on their boat chasing dolphins.

pb190090 pb190087

Parrot Feeding


Exploring & Venturing

pb190069 pb190062 pb190051pb190074 2016-11-21-09-00-22-1

Hope you find the time to go to places that makes you feel amazing and find peace of mind

– Good Monday everyone –

“One Small Positive Thought In The Morning, Can Change Your Whole Day”

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We just got back to Sydney after a great weekend spent in Jervis Bay, away from traffic, city noise and stress surroundings. My body has been filed up with new energy and motivation for the next coming weeks.

Have a great Monday lovelies, hope you managed to fill up your bodies as well

When you have those moments;”The Big City Life” has gotten to you, and you just need to escape, it is like that sometimes. Sydney is a big city, though the heart of the city is actually not that big. Living here for over 3 years, I think I know the city by heart, I could not get lost anymore. This is one of the many things I like about Sydney, a few other things are; all the amazing beaches and coastal walks we got so close by, all the little suburbs away from the CBD that has great little shops, cafes and parks. A third is the fact that the weather is over all really good, and we still get 4 seasons here, which I love! You can not enjoy sunny days if you never have any rainy and cold once.

Yesterday was one of those “I´m over the city days” so we went out to Watson´s Bay, just enjoyed being in a different area, watch the ocean and the city from a distanse and get some fresh air. Beautiful day.

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