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– Good Monday everyone –

“One Small Positive Thought In The Morning, Can Change Your Whole Day”

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We just got back to Sydney after a great weekend spent in Jervis Bay, away from traffic, city noise and stress surroundings. My body has been filed up with new energy and motivation for the next coming weeks.

Have a great Monday lovelies, hope you managed to fill up your bodies as well

When you have those moments;”The Big City Life” has gotten to you, and you just need to escape, it is like that sometimes. Sydney is a big city, though the heart of the city is actually not that big. Living here for over 3 years, I think I know the city by heart, I could not get lost anymore. This is one of the many things I like about Sydney, a few other things are; all the amazing beaches and coastal walks we got so close by, all the little suburbs away from the CBD that has great little shops, cafes and parks. A third is the fact that the weather is over all really good, and we still get 4 seasons here, which I love! You can not enjoy sunny days if you never have any rainy and cold once.

Yesterday was one of those “I´m over the city days” so we went out to Watson´s Bay, just enjoyed being in a different area, watch the ocean and the city from a distanse and get some fresh air. Beautiful day.

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Here comes the final recap of the Bali trip, posting about it kind of eases the transition from holiday mode back to normal life again. Especially on a rainy day like today.

Our last destination for this trip was the tropical area of Ubud. For many Ubud is a holistic sanctuary and real escape from the troubles of life. You find healthy food everywhere, yoga and meditation places and holistic retreats. A great destination for people who are seeking to find piece of mind, answers to life questions or a change of perspective.

We staid in a little home stay 10-15 min from the main food/shopping area, which is a perfect distanse away from everything. Being in Ubud you really want to feel the jungle and the tropical, it is good to escape busy-ness and find peace for a few days, or weeks.

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You should while staying there, visit rice fields, the monkey forrest, if you seek some challenge do one of the sunrise climbs and visit a few of the amazing arts and craft shops around.

I´m back in Sydney after three weeks of tropical holiday, giving you a recap on the second week we spent. Lombok is a big Island about 1,5 h from Bali, it is much more remote, really green and lush and with empty beaches. Our first time on Lombok, hopefully not the last. We loved this Island. You should hire scooters, to drive around and explore it, half of the fun of being in a tropical paradise. we staid close to Senggigi, which is a nice little area with shops, restaurants, activity opportunities. Stay in a beach resort. Must do on Lombok is to pay a visit to the place called Kuta, it has the most amazing beaches, and make your way over to the Gili´s, you will have the most amazing snorkelling experience.


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Hope everyone is having a great week, my Bali holiday is almost over, unbelievable how quick three weeks go. We all had some trouble along the way, sick, food poisoning and just normal holiday troubles I guess.


If you have not been to Indonesia, and you are planning on or having the idea of a trip here, I will do a little recap of each destination/week that we spent.

We spent time in Balangan and Sanur the first week, Balangan is on the sunset side, off the cliffs with perfect surf beaches. It is a bit remote, but so stunning. Scooter is essential for getting around, unless you only wanna stay put for a few days. You have several beach clubs/bars to visit for perfect afternoon drinks and sunset magic.


Sanur, is on the sunrise side, with more tourists, restaurants, some shopping and beaches perfect for swimming, without waves. From Sanur you will make easily day trips, to other parts of the Island and also a must do is to visit Nusa Lembongan, next time we will skip Sanur and go straight there, to get the real paradise feeling, it is so stunning.

p9020389 p9020452p9020394

Week 1 summed up

Balangan is perfect for the remote tropical feeling, getting the surf vibes and see the most beautiful sunsets.

Sanur is perfect if you are looking to be surrounded by more people/tourist and are planning on doing a few day trips, especially making your way to Nusa Lembongan.

– Happy Sunday lovelies –

We had an amazing day trip to a small island yesterday, called Nusa Lembongan, only 30 min by boat from Sanur, where we are staying. You drive around the island on scooter in no time, and it is just so breathtaking.

P9020438 P9020387 P9020392 P9020405

– Hi lovelies –

So its our 3rd day in Bali, we have moved to an area called Sanur, which is a small chilled out place. Our first days we spent in Balangan, beautiful and peaceful off the cliffs. Yesterday we spent our afternoon at a beach club called El Kabron, which is a exclusive beach club  & tapas restaurant, with one of the best sunset views in Bali, and a beautiful infinity pool.

It is a must see if you are in Bali, and its worth the price, as you will over all be able to do Bali cheap. It is worth on day of luxury.

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I can not believe this week is over, what a relief. Just finished packing and are now meeting up with some friends for a few drinks, we fly out around 11 am tomorrow, so no craziness tonight. My bags are packed, so I thought I would share a few of my Bali essentials..

P8190691 P8190694 P8230703

– Happy Sunday everyone –

Exactly in one week, Jens and I will be on a plane to Bali, we are meeting his family there, I just can´t wait to be in paradise for three weeks. We are going to a few different places, so I will give you some travel-paradise inspiration the next coming weeks. Bali is only six hours flight from Sydney, so it´s the perfect paradise spot, when living on this side of the world. Next few days Ill be dreaming away.. But first 4 more assessments to go, work and a modelling job. Let the week be over already.

We are staying in 4 different locations and here is a little sneak peak









Images belong to the four different places we are staying.

This holiday has been more about great locations and experiences than outfits, but I got one for you lovelies, I love dressing for the beach, but still feel like I can stop by a bar for a cocktail or a little shopping spree, which is essential on holidays without looking to “beachy”. This is from our stop in Noosa Heads, a little beach town close to Sunshine coast, QLD.

IMG_7323 IMG_7324 IMG_7325 IMG_7321P7060499 P7060498