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Half way through the week, it has overall been work, exercise and adjusting to the cold weather and the shorter days. I have a feeling it will be along winter, I can´t remember what a real winter feels like.
Think it will be a bit of a challenge.




As I have not really lived through a winter in five years, I dont have that many winter clothes anymore. I do have some quality clothes and shoes, but not enough for these long winters we face here in the north. Therefore I´m slowly going to build up a sustainable autumn & winter wardrobe.
Purchasing clothes from mindful brands, with high quality fabrics and my favourite; finding secondhand/vintage treasures.

– New In for a autumn & winter wardrobe –



Knit and scarf are both from Norwegian brand Arnie Says, who are very focused on using high quality natural fabrics and high standard production in Europe. (Knit was given as a gift at work.)






Hi lovelies

Hope you are having a good week? We are getting settled in Oslo, so all little things need to be done and we both had our first days at new jobs, getting used to new routines, work and autumn weather…




All though summer and light clothes are great, I do love it when the crisp autumn air strikes, and you can find all your woollen sweaters and over sized jackets and scarfs. Layer up with all you got.

Homemade knits are the best, and just before my grandmother got really sick she finished a new jumper for me. Those homemade knitted jumpers are gold worth, and I love the soft wool on my skin, knowing it has been made by one of my favourite people. This was the last thing she knitted, before passing. So it will have some extra value to me.




I love wearing simple accessories with knits, usually always my favourite watch in golden tones, a necklace sitting around the collar bone or at chest hight.