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LoveStories, a small boutique label, making lingerie and swimwear. My ruffle spotted bathing suit is just perfect as a body top/suit with shorts or a skirt and always a great standout piece for the beach / resort / beach party or any other occasion that requires an awesome swimsuit.



Check out there amazing collections here








Much love from Thailand


Hi Lovelies

I’m currently travelling a bit of South East Asia, Cambodia, Thailand and maybe Vietnam, all three amazing countries with loads of culture and beautiful things to see and do. All though we are out and about a lot, we also spend some hours on the beach, swimming, reading, usual beach activities. Though it is rain season, and a bit more cloudy, you still get UV damage and sunburnt if you don’t watch out.

Sunscreen can be a saviour but also a killer, unfortunately almost all the big brands that produce sunscreen today are full of nasty chemicals, that can actually cause more damage to your health and skin, than by not using protection. I think this is such a shame, as the the whole point of protection yourself is then gone..

Thankfully there are some safer brands out there, you might have to pay a little bit more, but at least your skin is safe, which is what should come first.

The brands that I choose to use are also not tested on animals which is one of the first things I look for for when buying products.

Another part of my sun safe routine is taking extra care of my hair and face, using a good quality hair oil everyday and a good quality face oil.

Hope you are taking some measures when you are out playing in the sun beautiful people



Cosmetics and beauty care is something I usually do not spend much money on, I like using my homemade shampoo, face and body scrub and not forget; coconut oil for everything. However if I do use products it has to be not tested on animals and contain as little unnatural ingredients as possible, as I prefer treating my body to only high quality products and food. As natural as possible is always key in my decisions and purchases.

A few weeks ago Jens surprised me with a little gift from Lush cosmetics, which is a really great cosmetics brand. I got a beautiful honey soap and a oat body lotion, which are both great for sensitive and dry skin. As this is something I usually don´t spend money on, it was a really nice little surprise, especially now during all my uni stress. It feels like I haven´t taken good enough care of myself, so this little gift was a great reminder of doing so.

Lush even provides you with booklets explaining the different ingredients and preservatives



Hope you make the time to treat yourself even during busy times

Happy Monday all beautiful people

Hope you are having a good start to your week, I´ve been working from home today, finalising technical work for my finals, we also had our shipping company pick up all our packed boxes today. So the apartment is empty, its really only some furniture left and a little bit of clothing. Such a strange feeling.

The other day when Jens and I took some test shots for my photoshoot I got some outfit photos out of it to, so thought it was time for an outfit post again, long time no see.

Dress – Vintage
Jacket – Old Zara jacket
Sandals – Melissa
Glasses – Ray Ban
Bracelet – Old broken belt




Have a lovely week


HAPPY FASHION REVOLUTION WEEK EVERYONE, if you are not sure what I´m referring to, please have a read about what and who fashion revolution are. You can also find out how you can get involved and make a change, creating a better world for everyone involved in how we make and use clothes today. As you might already know our fashion industry is very destructive to both our planet and the people involved in the making of clothes. Fashion Revolution week sets focus on the issues and how we can make changes.


I choose to donate to the amazing Fashion Revolution team.

I choose to write about in and share with people, hoping at least 1 person will take part.

I choose to support petitions and share them on social media.

I choose to make wise purchases when I buy new items.

 Please check Fashion Revolution out and help support however you can. A small support is still a positive change for the better.




Happy easter everyone, hope you have enjoyed some cherished  days off with fun, relaxing, adventure or whatever you like to do with your days off.

I´ve had a few days off and I also decided to work a couple of days. Yesterday we went on a beautiful trip up the coast, so will share some great picture later this week.

Thought it was time to share some outfit photos again, as it has been a while, these are from earlier this week, Jens and I enjoyed some time outside.

I love wearing lace, and to make sure it does not become to dull and “old school” I wear it with either boots, cool sneakers or some chunky heels and accessories that gives the outfit a modern feel.

Dress, slip & handbag – vintage treasures
Necklace – Noa Noa
Sunglasses – Maui Jim
Boots – Melissa
Hat – Not sure (gift)



Enjoy your last day of easter fun beautiful people

Hi lovelies, hope you having a good start to the holidays, I´m looking forward to a few days off, all though we have much to organise as we have to leave our apartment in about 4 weeks. Time is going so fast.. Even though my life is hectic, with moving, planning and most important graduating I still manage to keep up with some of my routines.

As the health freak that I am, I have a set routine every morning. Getting a good start to the day is so important so for me these two routines are gold to feeling fresh and ready for a new day.


I start every day with cleaning out my mouth with coconut oil, basically this is the very first thing I do before anything else. you keep the coconut oil in your mouth for about 20 minutes, and then you spit it out. This cleans out all bacteria, germs, whiter teeth and over all health benefits coconut oil has. It also gives you a better oral hygiene and gives you a fresh start to the day.


After my mouth clean I always brush my teeth before eating or drinking, as its not good for your teeth to brush them right after drinking or eating. Then I have pure lemongrass with fresh ginger, lemon and apple cider vinegar tea. This is a great boost to your immune system and inner and outer health. I make sure this is the first thing I have in the morning, so it can work its magic on an empty stomach.



Have a lovely holiday pretty people

Hi lovely people, hope you had some well deserved rest this weekend, I´m feeling ready for a new week and have a few thoughts to share with you today.

The climate change issue is an extremely important challenge, that are affecting everyone. Maybe you don´t care, maybe you think I can´t save the world anyway, or maybe you are just a selfish prick who think that your lifestyle is more important than helping our planet survive. Hopefully you are more or less on the same page as I am. Finding ways to adjust your lifestyle, maybe you don´t want to shop less, but you understand the consequences of our extreme shop and throw culture, so you decide to stop or slow it down? Maybe you don´t want to stop eating meat, but you see the bigger picture, and gradually change your eating habits?

  The truth is, we all need to change.

I personally love fashion and shopping, I would probably want to buy almost everything that H&M has in store right now, but I do not. I personally can not purchase fast fashion like that anymore, I can´t justify it. it makes me sick to wear it, knowing the story behind it.

Instead I keep my clothes for years and years, I constantly go over my closet, give away the things that I know almost 100% are not being touched. I purchase about 10 – 15 new items a year, probably 80% from secondhand shops, as I do allow my self to purchase something new when I donate, If I find something. I also allow myself to buy something new if it is something I really need, or if I often feel like I´m missing that in my wardrobe.

I have also changed my mindset towards what I have, instead of “hating my clothes, there is nothing to wear” I see it with new fresh eyes, thinking “wow, there is so many opportunities here”. I honestly have stopped caring about the rule of you can not wear the same dress to a party, what bullshit is that. If you look and feel great, people compliment you? WHY would you not want to wear that dress again?

As a blogger, I try to do fashion posts once a week, it is absolutely on my mind; It has to look different,   don´t wear that dress again, its only 3 weeks since you took a photo of it last, I simply make sure there is a month or two between each time I would post the same top, skirt or dress, for a few reasons.


So it does not get boring and very “all the same”


Because after a month or two people will still remember you wore it, but it shows that you can wear the same clothes again and again, without being boring or getting bored.

Thank you for reading what I had on my mind today, hopefully we can all adjust our  lifestyles just a little.



Hope are having a wonderful Sunday, I´ve been enjoying my day off before a new intensive week starts.

Hi guys! I´m in the middle of a really fun experiment, I´m dying my own fabrics for my graduate collection. Finding a good variation of organic natural fabrics here in Sydney, has been a bit of a challenge. I therefore decided to use the fabric I got, and re-dye it, to create more interesting combinations, and find some colours that work well together. So far I´ve only experimented with small samples of the fabric, so when I eventually find the right colours I will dye just what I need for each style.

For my dying project I will only use natural elements to create colour, so everything from tea, dried fruits, berries, leafs, flowers and food. The sustainability aspect is really important, so I do not wanna use any artificial dying techniques.

Doing home dying for the first time, there are so many techniques to learn, and when I´m back settled in Norway this summer, I will defiantly get more into it and do more experiments. Can´t wait to collect beautiful autumn leaves and experiment.



Much love to everyone, have a beautiful day

/In collaboration with www.thrivestore.se 


The message is real clear, bold strong and extremely confident. I say Fuck Fast Fashion, and I´m proudly sharing and showing the message with my awesome fair trade bag from Thrivestore; a leading Scandinavian concept store; all fair trade, organic, vegan and sustainable fashion. Just the way it should be.




The fast fashion industry is causing huge amount of damage to our environment and all the people involved in the industry. The big chains are becoming richer, and the garments worker are becoming poorer. Us consumers have a very important role in this world of devastation and injustice. Choose your products carefully and consciously.
Become a conscious and ethical consumer, we can not let this unethical industry continue ruining lives and our planet.

Let us fuck fast fashion together

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