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On Sunday I attended a clothing swap event, organised by an environmental group here in Norway, “The future in our hands”. You had to bring up to 7 things, in relative good condition, then you would be able to pick as many “new” items as you handed in. The leftover clothes got donated to charity.

Clothing swap is a great way to lower your consumption habits and save the environment for a little less pollution. All our decisions and actions matter.


“Vi kjøper rundt 70.000 tonn nye klær hvert år her i landet. Kleshandlingen vår er dårlig nytt for både klimaet og miljøet. Hvert plagg fører minst til et klimagassutslipp som tilsvarer mellom 1 og 17 kg med karbondioksid, avhengig av hvilket materiale det er laget av. Sammenlignet med 1995 har prisen på klærne falt med 63 prosent og vi kaster 79 prosent mer klær årlig. I tillegg til klimafotavtrykket fører klærne våre til store utslipp av miljøgiftige kjemikalier og krever enorme mengder vann der de ofte har minst fra før. Her er våre beste tips til hvordan klærne dine kan bli mer miljøvennlige.”

“We purchase approximately 70.000 ton of new clothes every year in Norway. Our clothing-buying habits are really bad for the the environment. Every piece of cloth creates between 1-17 kg og co2, depending on the material it is made off. Compared to 1995 the prices for clothes are 63 prosent lower, and we throw 79 prosent more clothing every year. Not only creating I high amount og c02, the clothes are also produced with many chemicals, harming both environment, the humans and animals.”



I only ended up with four “new” items, but I´m perfectly happy with that, as I got to clean up a little, improve our environment a little and support a charity.







The first snow of the year have arrived in Oslo, it fell on Tuesday and it was magical. So now I feel like I dont need an excuse to wear knits everyday. 




This pink and purple were knitted by my grandma maybe 30 years ago, and it is so beautiful. We found it hidden away in the basement, so I´m really exited that I get to bring it back to life again.
Almost all types of styles/trends will be a trend again, or loved by someone else, so never toss anything.
The amount of clothes ending up in landfill is enormous, so unnecessary as most thinks should be given a second chance. Either donate to charity, sell it give it away or simply keep it until you maybe wanna wear it again, your style and taste will circulate.

Just like this jumper from my grandmother have now done.





A new week starting off with amazing sunshine and fresh air.
I´m off today so started the week with a good walk with one of my really good friends around a lake in our neighbourhood then cleaning, listening to podcasts and planning blog posts and planning the week.




A few weeks ago we started going through my grandmas clothes, so there were a lot of really beautiful and good quality vintage garments that we have decided to keep. Most of it is still at my mums house, as we have decided to pick a few things at a time, dividing between my sister, my mum and I. So I only brought a couple of pieces with me to Oslo last time I was home, including a really beautiful leather skirt and an awesome vintage set; a skirt and jumper.

Vintage and inherited clothes are in my opinion hundred times better than buying new clothes. it has a story to tell, quality is very often much better, as the fashion industry today is not focused on quality and it is so much better for our environment.  






Hi lovelies, hope you´ve had a good weekend?

I´ve been planning to start a monthly blog post with my eco recommendations and tips. As I´m very passionate about an ethical lifestyle, I thought this is a good way to share more of this with you guys.

Every month will be different, everything from food & health to product recommendations & easy lifestyle adjustments.

If you have some extra time during your weeks and like being outdoors? Locate a animal shelter in your area and go help out walk the dogs or play with the cats. Here in Oslo you have the FOD farm and Solplassen (the sunny spot). Dogs need a lot of walking, so spending an hour walking a dog that does not yet have a loving home, is a great thing to do. You can also become a regular volunteer or donate to the organisations.


We had such a great afternoon walking a lovely lady called Vilde. She was a really cute little dog, but very shy and hesitant, as she has been most likely living on the streets in Greece. But it was lovely to see how quickly she trusted us and allowed us to get close.







Hi lovelies,

I´m having a day off today, which have been pretty productive actually. I´ve been out on a really nice long walk, stopping buy our local mall to get a few things needed for our apartment. Signing important petitions and researched a few things I will update you on later. I also did yoga and now eating a healthy noodle salad while updating the blog.



I´ve been so lucky to have my mums old jacket from the 80s. A beautiful suede lamb wool jacket, that is still in great condition. Most of you probably know my stands when it comes to animal products. So I only choose to purchase secondhand / vintage leather products, and in this case it was either my mum giving me her old jacket or it going to a market or someone else. It is important to me to be clear with my beliefs and decisions in this matter.


Appreciate all the living things you are surrounded by.

“If you truly love nature,
you will find beauty everywhere.”

-Vincent Van Gogh






Hi lovelies, weekend is here again. I´m going home this weekend, spending some time with my family.
Now that I´m settled, and I got more space, I´ve taken my sewing machine out, and started on some projects. Only small once, as sewing is my least favourite part of the design process. Having that said, I do like visualising, creating & making. So when I get in the mood, it is really nice. Also seeing the result is great.


This week I´ve taken the sleeves off a linen blouse, which made it it a bit more cool. (it is a summer blouse, so wont wear it until next year) Then I found some pieces of a cool vintage fabric that I have, and a knitted top (used to be part of a dress) and made it into a new top. I love combing different textured fabrics and colours. So this top is really my style. As the back of it is short / open it will be cool with a high waisted skirt or pants.










I´m in on my way to Oslo again, dropping of my aussie friend then Jens and I got a few appointments today, then working for a local Oslo brand tomorrow morning, for their fashion show in corporation with the “Fashion week” here in Oslo. Fun to take part of the show, and slowly get into the industry here in Norway. It is slowly going towards autumn, new season and new opportunities. Crazy how fast the summer went?! All though I cant complain as I´ve had holiday since I finished my studies three months ago.


I´ve really been loving the denim look this summer, a bit different than what I usually go for, but it is always fun to try new things right? Denim and blue hues also suit the summer time, especially when you spend time on the coast. I´ve also had all my clothes shipped to Holland, then from Holland to Norway, so my choice of clothes have been narrowed down.









Hi lovelies, I thought I wanted to share something important with you today, as I´m constantly trying to live a ethical life, and also stand for all the choices that I make. One thing is to say you do something, another is to actually do it. The past 5 years have been spent travelling and living abroad, so I´ve seen a lot of pollution, rubbish, poverty and tourists taking advantage of being in a foreign land. I know for a fact that travelling can have a negative impact on the environment and it´s surroundings, therefor choosing to make some better choices while on a journey is very important to me. We try to chose the transport that has less of an impact on the environment, support local business and always leaving a place or a country in a good way.


Our oceans are extremely polluted. This was my main focus on my recent travel through Asia, as it was shocking to see how much waist are in our oceans, I can not just stand by and watch this. I dedicated time to clean plastic from the beach and from the ocean, even if you only pick up a few pieces of rubbish you are still making a small difference, being a good example for others to follow suit.










Hello Lovelies

We found a great jungle eco resort on our trip the the Khao Sok National Park, that I thought worth sharing with you guys. Lowering in your impact on holiday or travel can be done very easily; taking busses or trains instead of flights, minivans instead of private taxies. Buying big bottles of water refilling your small one or staying at eco lodges / resorts. These are some easy steps to take.


it was a beautiful jungle resort, just on a lovely little river surrounded by amazing limestone, wildlife and jungle. 80% of the property is undeveloped. All the huts are build of natural material, no aircon, free drinking water on 15l bottles for all guests to use and mostly local produce for the restaurant.

Choosing eco lodges lowers your impact when you are travelling, and it can also be a really amazing experience, feeling “one with nature”.








If you have been to Asia before, or are planning on going, the elephant experience is probably high on your list of activities to do. Before you explore elephants in Asia, you should be aware that this is a very “dirty” industry where most places are not treating the elephants any good, unfortunately the demand from tourists are so high, that this places keep racing unhappy miss-treated elephants. It might look like they are “happy” they are overall not. Thankfully there are several sanctuaries through out Thailand that take care of miss-treated, sick or old elephants, we went to an ethical sanctuary here in Phuket, and it made me happy to see happy elephants.