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My whole life I´ve had a body weight that according to the statistics are underweight. I often felt underweight and ugly-skinny when I was young. No curves and visible bones made me feel uncomfortable in my own body, I didn´t want to exercise to much, scared of becoming even skinnier and look even less feminine than what I already did. Thankfully with age, I did gain a little bit I learnt that exercise is ok even though you are skinny and I finally grew some feminine curves as well. I´m still very skinny, and the combination of a really high metabolism and my healthy eating is not making it easier to gain weight. I´m overall very happy with my body structure today, there is still people who might comment on it, or think “that girl got some eating issues”, which I do not have. I LOVE FOOD, but I love mostly healthy food, I am trying to gain some more muscle mass and weight, as I currently feel I could need a few more kilos, but it is not an easy challenge.

We all got our issues.


We all have different body issues, different weights, proportions & shapes, which we deal with in different ways. Remember the most important is that you treat your body in a healthy way & do not measure yourself after how others look. 





I had a really nice birthday celebration last night, a few friends yummy food & wine in a small low key bar/restaurant. It was just how I like it. A few days a go I was in need of some inspiration and motivation, often feeling a bit different than the norm I do need to boost my system with alternative thinking from likeminded people. Searching for some input I came a cross two documentary´s on Netflix, both really hit me they way I had hoped, sparking my system.


A travel documentary about a young couple finding their path, inspiration and searching for a higher meaning in life, while travelling in a selfmade living bus.

Nature. Loneliness. Mindfulness. Culture. Togetherness. Happiness.



Following a extremely depressed person, who is on the verge of killing himself. Travelling alone to Peru, seeking up ancient wisdom and medicine healers to to try make one last effort to cure his depression. It is a really honest, raw and inspiring story.

Depressing. Raw. Honest. Eye-opening. Alternative.




I´m turning 26 tomorrow, me personally do not think turning 26 is that much big of a deal, A year older, with a little more baggage, life experience slightly changed goals with a plan that this year will be a much better year than last year. This year becoming better than last year, does not really have anything to do with my age, but I guess I can start working on it even more from tomorrow on? Hoping 26 will be a more enjoyable and purposeful year, discovering more of who I am, what I want & places I wanna go see. I´m a restless soul, wanting to see and live to many places, help more people & animals and find my place in this fucked up world.

I´m still in search of the answer to life, I dont think 26 will be the year I find the answer, though I might get a step closer.

“In oneself lies the whole world
and if you know how to look and learn,
the door is there and the key in your hand.
Nobody on earth can give you either
the key or the door to open.
Except yourself”

– Jiddu  Krishnamurt







Happy Friday to everyone,  all though most of us love weekends, do not forget to enjoy everyday. Life is to short to just live for the weekends. With that said, I do hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead? Either if you have to work, are going away, are already on holiday or maybe even returning from holiday?


I´m on the bus home, to have family time and birthday celebrations. My mum´s birthday was yesterday, and my birthday is Thursday next week, so we are having a small family gathering on Saturday. I´m not to fussed about celebrating my birthday to be honest, especially 26, dont really need a big party for that.  However I do like having some quality time with the family, eating good food and playing cards.

We are making a yummy baked veggie risotto, with bruschetta and other delicious sides and the best part, carrot cake for dessert. I personally are not a big cake eater, but I do love carrot cakes, so making this vegan version for the first time, I´m pretty exited about the result.







Sharing coffees and wine with  likeminded souls is always good remedy for anything. Taking photos, stalking insanely handsome surfers on Instagram, being single together. Seeing the world a little differently than most & choosing paths out of the ordinary.  Following our hearts instead of following the “smart choices”, which society expects of us.


Why be ordinary when you can go for extraordinary?



– Wearing all vintage, because vintage is the future, it is unique, it is better for everyone & our planet –





Jens left Norway yesterday, I moved all my things out of the apartment we had together here in Oslo, all empty. Strange feeling, leaving it alone.

Moving. Organising. Dealing with to many emotions. Work. Finding peace. Saying goodbye. Crying. Being independent. Feeling lost. Feeling everything  & nothing.  

My emotions are a roller coster with no left over energy for good blog post or social media updates. There is a big cloud hanging over me right now, so hopefully in a few days I will feel lighter and more at ease.







The end of January & beginning of February is giving us crazy snow storms one day and heavy rain and fog the next. I can easily admit that I´m pretty done with this winter, ready for a new season. I would not mind the snow to stay up in the mountains for a few more months, but the city is ready for spring to blossom. I´m sick of heavy boots, coats and to many layers, I do love layers, but I´m ready for lighter versions of them.

These photos was taken right before the winter really came, and I was still enjoying a bit of warm sun on my face.




Everything vintage

Your Raging Sun it Burns Beneath My Heartbeat
You Rupture Me,
I build you up
The Core Of You
it Runs so Deep Inside Me
Like Volcanoes We erupt and we subside





Getting used to being alone. sleeping alone. waking up alone. Spending Sundays alone. Doing my shopping alone. Surrounded by people, but still alone. Accepting the strange feeling of just being me. Accepting the loneliness, moving on. embracing the feeling.


Finding happiness alone. Being just me alone. Acceptance & giving in. Everyone goes through loneliness in life & we can not truly be happy without being happy alone.






The end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018 have so far been the toughest and most challenging time I can remember to ever have experienced. Growing up is not always fun and easy, sometimes you have to make huge sacrifices and life changing decision. Moving to Norway gave my partner and I new challenges to face, it thought us more about each other and ourselves in both good and also bad ways. Unfortunately did we have to make a heartbreaking decision to go or own ways, we both love each other so much, but simply want very different things in the future. It is so heartbreaking deciding to leave the person you trust the most and have so much love for, because you want that person to be the happiest he can. I thought I could give him that happiness, but the way I see my life take form I can not be that person.

It breaks my heart. It kills me. I feel so empty and hollow. But still I know somewhere, deep inside that we have made the right decision to give each other the freedom to become as happy as we both deserve. Everything happens for a reason, my time with you have been amazing, I cherish every moment of it.

 Love you long time  


Sorry for being away for a little while, my creativity is not here right now as I´m going through a really though time personally, I´m hoping to share it with you on the blog soon. Until then I´m probably not going to be updating to much, Ill be back soon.

In the mean time, remember to look after your loved once, make ethical choices, live more green and be mindful towards yourself and your surroundings.


Much love