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Happy holiday´s everyone, hope you are enjoying time with your loved once.

I´m not really fussed about Christmas, especially when I´m in a hot climate, as you do not get any Christmas feeling at all! I do like the idea of spending time together and be generous and kind, all though it should always be a goal to be generous and kind to others, no matter the season or event.


On the other hand I love celebrating the new year, Our tradition is celebrating in the mountains of Norway, with my high school friend group, as we still have a really close and amazing friend group. All though this year Jens & I are missing out, we still have to set some goals for the new year coming. 2017 will bring a lot of changes and challenges, so I know it will be a very interesting year ahead.


Finish my degree with final work I will be proud of

Manage the move to Norway, especially as my partner is not Norwegian, and do not speak the language yet

Re-adapt to the Norwegian culture and lifestyle and find good work

Keep blogging about a sustainable lifestyle journey

Continue to share, spread and care for the global warming and unethical challenges we are facing, hopefully inspire more people to make changes to their life

What are you looking forward to in the new year?

“A world where people only look after themselves is not a good world to live in”

If everyone would just care a little bit more and give a little bit more, we would come a long way. I believe that my effort in supporting others does make a difference, maybe you can´t see it right away, but its worth it, every little effort you make.

I want to share with you the brand I´m an ambassador for, as I think their message is worthy of sharing, a proof that you can run a business that does good.

I met Kathy, the founder of Moeloco flipflops two years back, just when she started up her business, I loved her generosity and her willingness to be an entrepreneur with a goal to make a difference to the world. Since then I´ve followed Moeloco on their journey, and when Kathy asked if I would like to be an ambassador for them, I saw it as an honour. I´m so grateful to be apart of making small changes to peoples life´s, hopefully inspire more people to see the importance of caring and giving.

Moeloco is so much more than just a pair of flipflops, it is hard work, love, honesty, commitment and the list goes on. Kathy is proving that giving back to less fortunate communities should not be an addition, but a major part of a business. Please take the time to read more about them at Moeloco & follow them on Instagram HERE.

The Team behind Moeloco have been working hard to reach a 1000 shoes for India, now before Christmas. So if you are still looking for a little gift for someone, a pair of Moeloco´s are a great gift, not expensive and you don´t just buy another little thing that does not do good for anyone, you give a child a pair of quality shoes, you give them hope.

Together we can all make an impact

Not a sponsored post

Hope you are having a good Sunday, I usually don´t get very political involved, but I simply had to share my feelings and thoughts on Aleppo, its breaking my heart.

My social media, news pages & tv have been filled with horrible images of suffering innocent people in Aleppo. Last night I cried, I felt so incredible sad and helpless. Just imagining what people have to suffer through, injustice, hate and inhuman treatment. Why was I so lucky in my life? Why do I deserve to be so incredible safe and happy, living in Australia by choice, born in the world´s best country Norway. Why me, and not those innocent people? Luck, I was lucky. Hundreds of people were less lucky, and they still manage to find so much happiness, compassion and gratefulness in their life´s. But right at this moment, so many people have lost all hope, they´ve lost everything and everyone. Their life is a living hell, a hell that no one should have to experience.

I´m going to feel so incredible sad for these people until their life´s are being valued at the same level as mine. I will also send love and compassion, donate what I can afford, share on social media, try to make a difference. Hopefully you will do the same.

“You cant make someone love you more than someone can make you love them” 

Let´s share some love, kindness & generosity towards them who really need it, we can all make small or big differences in someones little life.

I could not believe what I read and saw on my way to work yesterday morning, I´m one of the five finalist´s for the ” This Years Femelle Blogger 2016″! I´m so grateful for all of you that have voted for me and my blog, that you actually have taken the time to check out my little blog world and decide to take action.

– Thank you so much everyone for voting –

The winner will be announced just over christmas into the new year, so you can still vote for me one final time HERE, selecting my blog, then entering your name (navn) and email (e-post). Can´t wait to see who the winner will be! I have already given my vote to the blogger I believe should win, all though the four other bloggers in the final are all great bloggers.

Thank you so much for your vote beautiful people

Blessed are the weird people; The poets, misfits, writers, mystics, painters, troubadours, for they teach us to see the world through different eyes” – Jacob Nordby

I just love this quote, to me it says you should let yourself be you, don´t be afraid to look, act or say it different. Together we can all teach each other about this life we live, lets dare to be different, dare to see the world through different eyes. Dare to stand up for yourself. Everyone will face huge challenges in their lives,  sometimes alone and sometimes with someone else; at the end of the day you have to be the hero of your own life.

Dress, Shoes & Bag – vintage

Photo credit: Jens Broers

Have a beautiful day, dare to be you x

Hi beautiful people, I guess everyone is getting ready for christmas, as it is already the second week of December.

Christmas to many people means, overeating on unhealthy food, spending way to much money on material gifts, forgetting the really important thing that christmas should be about; showing love and care for the people we love and the people that we dont know.

I thought I should share my approach to it all, how we can make a better impact for ourselves, for others and our planet.

The Christmas Calendar

First of all, christmas calendar is absolutely really fun and exiting, but lets be realistic, most things we get are either unhealthy, or little things that is a waist of money, most likely from a fast fashion shop.

I personally have been having a snap calendar this year, I´m sending a happy December snap every day until Christmas eve, to a friend. it is free, it´s fun and it is just a simple little thing, another idea would be giving away to charity each day, help someone out, compliment friends or strangers, simply share love.


Gifts is a defiant for christmas, all though we buy and spend way to much on material christmas presents. Why not take a step back, and be honest with yourself. Yes we all want something new, I do all the time, but that does not mean that is the way to go. I believe in purchasing one or two presents of higher quality, than several cheap presents. A second thing is buying experiences instead of things, it is great getting to share an experience with someone, over having another dress from H&M, that you will forget about in about 1 week anyway… The third great gift idea is giving away to charity, this year I´m sticking to experience, my partner and I will go on a little tropical romantic get away, instead of giving each other presents, and the second is that I will give a donation.


Food is a really sensitive one, because for most people christmas means, over eating on unhealthy and unsustainable foods, and most people dont wanna be told to change their traditions.  Me as a plant eater dont think any different about my food diet around Christmas, YES I will eat more, I will eat a bit more unhealthy, but that does not mean we shouldn´t still consider our surroundings.

A few ways you can make a small difference will be by choosing to include more delicious plant food, and reduce the amount of meat you would usually have, find a vegan or vegetarian butcher that can make some really tasty additional´s to your christmas meals.

Include vegan cakes into your christmas baking and desserts, I promise you there are so many delicious and easy recipes out there, and often these recipes contains less artificial´s and sugar, even better. Also try to purchase products that are organic and fairtrade, the alter eco chocolate I get from the Oxfam shop, is the absolute best chocolate you´ll ever taste.

I´m ordering a vegan roast this christmas, from this amazing vegetarian butcher here in Sydney, and will make a few healthy sweet treats as well; coconut-vanilla & strawberry cheesecake & maybe some delicious chocolate cupcakes?

Are you taking any measures this christmas to make it a little bit better for your surroundings ?

WOW! How fast did November go? Don´t know with you guys, but I cant believe it is almost the end of 2016. Looking back at November that that passed so quickly, I must say it has been a good month.

Staying active, I´ve been able to get at least three days of exercise every week, not slacking off, like I often tend to do. So I´m just in a really great state right now. I don´t pay for a yoga studio or gym, since the temperature in Sydney is always pretty good for outdoor fitness.

2016-11-03-12-38-03-1 2016-11-03-12-38-05-1

Jens and I went on a little trip to Jervis Bay, something I really needed, just getting away from the busy city and get my mind of uni, assessments, work, just life in general


My final design outcome for my brand development at uni, wow this have been so much fun, and hard work! I just really love the look I designed, the amazing work from my maker and just getting used to the whole process of ides, design, source, working with industry, branding and so on.


Hope your November was amazing too! Anything specially that you found to stand out in your life?


Happy weekend everyone!

Hope you are having a great start to your weekend. It is the last two days of voting for “This years Femelle blogger 2016” So if you think I deserve a vote, please vote for me HERE , choose gingergypsy in the scroll down bar and you will have to leave your name and email to vote under the bar. (sorry the page is in Norwegian)


Thank you so much for your support, forever grateful if you take the time to give me your vote


Have a lovely weekend x

– Good Monday everyone –

“One Small Positive Thought In The Morning, Can Change Your Whole Day”

2016-11-19-10-03-17-1 2016-11-19-10-03-20-1 2016-11-19-10-03-18-1

We just got back to Sydney after a great weekend spent in Jervis Bay, away from traffic, city noise and stress surroundings. My body has been filed up with new energy and motivation for the next coming weeks.

Have a great Monday lovelies, hope you managed to fill up your bodies as well