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How happy I was waking up Friday morning, to find a package full of treasures waiting for me.

My amazing grandparents, decided to surprise me, with some great Norwegian treats. Living abroad, there is nothing better than receiving Norwegian goodies and speak Norwegian once in a while, if you have lived abroad or do, you know what I mean. We often dont appreciate what we do have until we do not have it anymore, my time away has really made me so happy for this life I got and my amazing country.

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Real Liquorice – Homemade Jumper – Norwegian book –


 So grateful for those little things

Hello October!

New month, warmer days, new challenges & new opportunities.

  Before getting started on October I was inspired by fellow Femelle blogger Nenna Echem, doing a recap of her top 5 September moments, which is a great way to remind yourself of some good moments that has passed, preparing for new once to arrive.

Hope everyone are ready for what ever October may bring





Ubud has to be experienced, it is just so beautiful


Uni started 3 weeks ago and it is so great to be back feeling really motived this time!



After the holiday I started doing meditation again, a minimum of 5 days a week, I´ve also got back into my really good yoga routines, twice a week.



I AM ENOUGH, how often do you tell yourself that? I for sure do not say it enough, or think it enough. We all struggle to be better, the constant pressure we put on ourself. The constant comparisons we make, everyday. I´ve started watching/reading and listening to really great and inspirational people the last few weeks, it makes you take a step back and look at yourself and see your life from a new angle. I got so much to learn in this life, cause the truth is we never stop learning or growing, today I decided to tell myself every day that I AM ENOUGH. cause it the truth, I am.

Now it is your turn to, tell yourself everyday, no matter if it is a good day or a bad one, YOU ARE ENOUGH!!! cause the more you believe in yourself, the more you will achieve. Write it down, say it out loud, tell other friends to practise the same, be proud of yourself, everyday. Watch this video for some weekend inspiration, to get you motived.


Days are becoming longer, so we are finally getting to enjoy the afternoon sun again, take advantage of a few extra hours of light. Outside exercise, walking in the park and my favourite of them all, going down by the beach when the crowds of people are gone, and just watch the ocean and the colours of the sky slowly change. Those moments are never the same, they are all so magical. It is to easy to take these happenings for granted and forget to enjoy the moments, so next time you are doing something you do every week, or you do once in a while; really enjoy, remind yourself how amazing it is and see it with “new eyes”.

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My passion for style and dressing always comes back to thinking sustainable and make conscious choices, still keeping my taste and fashion style the way I love it. My top/dress is a vintage dress, the pearls I bought from a local seller in Bali, skirt has been in my wardrobe for about 6 years and the shoes I recently bought as my boyfriend complained I never wore sneakers.


Photo credit: Jens Broers

Here comes the final recap of the Bali trip, posting about it kind of eases the transition from holiday mode back to normal life again. Especially on a rainy day like today.

Our last destination for this trip was the tropical area of Ubud. For many Ubud is a holistic sanctuary and real escape from the troubles of life. You find healthy food everywhere, yoga and meditation places and holistic retreats. A great destination for people who are seeking to find piece of mind, answers to life questions or a change of perspective.

We staid in a little home stay 10-15 min from the main food/shopping area, which is a perfect distanse away from everything. Being in Ubud you really want to feel the jungle and the tropical, it is good to escape busy-ness and find peace for a few days, or weeks.

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You should while staying there, visit rice fields, the monkey forrest, if you seek some challenge do one of the sunrise climbs and visit a few of the amazing arts and craft shops around.

Today is International Day of Peace, which means what exactly?

There are millions of people out there who will not have any sense of peace on this particular day, cause their lives are filled with poverty, war, abuse or anything else that does not creates peace.

My life however is so far from any of those scenarios, I can´t even imagine how it feels. So what does this day mean to me?

It gives me the feeling of real gratefulness, towards everything in my life, even the bad things, cause the bad things maybe more than all the great things, shapes you as a person. Grateful for feeling safe, being able to to be who I am and what I want. Being able to use the peace in my life, making someone else´s life a better life. It also makes me sad for everyone who never will experience peace, and my thoughts and good energy will be dedicated to these people, hopefully you will do the same, as we can slowly make a better and more peaceful life for others.


A second thing we can all do, is support a case or someone/ a business that is making a difference to improving the lives of others. I´ve been luck to have an ambassador role for a company called Moeloco, Moeloco makes flip flips with meaningful messages, where every pair sold will give a child in poverty a pair of new shoes.


This outfit was on my last day in Bali, It suited perfectly as some of the holiday did not turn out as great. We had some difficulty along the way, so I decided that wearing this happy positive dress on our last day was a symbol of changing attitude and perspective. Leaving the frustration and negativity behind, working on self-growth, being open for new ideas, other peoples perspectives and move away from bad habits.


– Positive Thinking –


– Attitude Change –


– Gratefulness –


– Openness –


My body is tired, and so is my head. I´m working through all my assessments for this term and everything else seems to happen at the same time. I´m getting up, already feeling tired & lacking motivation, before the day has even started, just waiting for dawn, so I can take a break. Sunday it is all over for this turn, I already know the next trimester will be even tougher, now that I´m coming closer to the end. Even when its hard I still love it. When this week is past, I will breath slowly again, feel the inside of my head relax and the best part, swim in paradise for three weeks. Until Sunday, I´m waiting for dawn, so I can rest my head again.

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