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Hello Lovelies

We found a great jungle eco resort on our trip the the Khao Sok National Park, that I thought worth sharing with you guys. Lowering in your impact on holiday or travel can be done very easily; taking busses or trains instead of flights, minivans instead of private taxies. Buying big bottles of water refilling your small one or staying at eco lodges / resorts. These are some easy steps to take.


it was a beautiful jungle resort, just on a lovely little river surrounded by amazing limestone, wildlife and jungle. 80% of the property is undeveloped. All the huts are build of natural material, no aircon, free drinking water on 15l bottles for all guests to use and mostly local produce for the restaurant.

Choosing eco lodges lowers your impact when you are travelling, and it can also be a really amazing experience, feeling “one with nature”.







I´m currently in Phnom Penh, watching the crazy afternoon rain pore. It has been raining every afternoon, around 4-5pm, which is very refreshing, a good excuse to just have a drink, do some computer work, read a book, or simply watch the rain pore.

As promised I have some more photos from our day at the temples in Siem Reap, Jens loves taking photos, so the camera is always with us. I absolutely recommend doing several temples around Siem Reap, best way is to get a driver for the day, a so called tuk-tuk driver, he waits for you, know where to take you and you can also get some sightseeing from just sitting on the tuk-tuk.



More updates coming soon

Enjoy the rest of your holiday beautiful people.

We are flying to Brisbane in a few hours, two nights in Brisbane, then making our way out to an Island called Moreton Island. Moreton is an all sand dune Island, with great snorkelling and outdoor activity opportunities. We can´t wait to get out of the city, enjoy some relaxing, nature, games and good food and drinks. The New Years long weekend is always expensive, so instead of going for a really nice resort / hotel, we are doing something called glamping, glamorous camping. So you are sleeping in a big tent, with your own private bathroom with hot shower, a nice queen size bed, an veranda and just a few meters from the beach. New adventures ahead.



Hope you are doing something enjoyable over the holidays

Hi lovelies!

Hope you are having a good week so far, maybe a few more days of work or exams before you start the holidays?

I want to share with you a super easy breakfast smoothie, packed with all goodness giving your body a great start to the day. As we all know a good breakfast is so important to prepare your body and mind for a good productive and active day.

My breakfast smoothie is quite rich and deep in flavour as I´m using a few key spices, spices that have some really health benefits.

Cardamom – rich of vitamins, dietary fibre & proteins

Turmeric –  Fights off bacteria and infections, preventing alzheimers and cancer, a great spice for flavour and for health

matcha – full of antioxidants, loaded with energy and  it detoxify´s the body, which is just a few benefits

Oats – packed with fibres and proteins, minerals and vitamins

Chia Seeds – omega, protein and fibres – a must for you on a vegetarian or  vegan diet.

Berries or fruit of your choice – I usually go for blueberries or raspberries

On days I don´t have to rush off anywhere Ill make it into a smoothie bowl, topping it with fruit, seeds and what I have available. On a busy morning I´ll drink it straight from the jar, its super great as a on the go breakfast.

Have a lovely day everyone