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Hi wonderful souls, hope you are all on the journey to higher consciousness and a deeper self-connection?

I have been practising meditation and mindfulness every day for the last six months, and it is truly changing my life making me a much more content, aware & happy person. I hope that every human out there will discover the benefits of meditation and find more balanced in their own life. I made a little video for you, discussing my journey with meditation, hopefully it makes you curious to discover the benefits of meditation and mindfulness practise in your own life.


– Two meditation apps you should check out if you are curious about meditation and mindfulness –








Hi Lovelies, hope you are having a fabulous weekend?

Sydney has been having a heatwave the last few days, so there is not much you can do here, besides sit inside with a fan or air con or simply just be in or near the water, with tons of sunscreen and protection.

Tomorrow my 30 day plastic free challenge is over, it has been so much fun, and I made a little videoblog for you guys, taking you with me to the shops, showing you how you can do plastic free shopping without killing your budget with expensive bulk food stores / specialty stores and with little change to your normal food shopping routines. The only few things I had to purchase in a bulk food store were rice, frozen fruits, and oats – as I could not find paper packed versions in the stores. There are also a few products you might not be able to find without plastic packaging like noodles, certain dips or soap.  For these products I make what I can make myself; like hummus and other dips, and then I do buy whatever I need and do not have the time / energy to make myself; tooth paste, noodles, liquid soap etc.


Have a amazing day beautiful people

Hi beautiful people, hope your weekend was living up to your expectations and what you had in mind? Im sharing my very first vlog with you guys today. I´ve decided I´m gonna try to do it a few times a month.

My weekend was great, starting it with seeing Passenger at a small vintage venue with my boyfriend, man that singer gave me goosebumps through out the whole 2 hours of playing. Saturday was spent snorkelling off Bondi beach, visiting a Saturday market, eating the best falafel plate every and ended with red wine, sofa and 6 episodes of Game Of Thrones, Jens and I decided to start watching from the beginning again.

Then today was spent seeing a small exhibition following meeting up with a friend for a afternoon swim and rosè. I got a exiting week ahead, starting a internship for a small design label here in Sydney. YAY! Super exited about that, after having a bit of a shit start to the week, which I will share with you guys another time.

Hope your Sunday is beautiful giving you energy for a new week ahead, my first video blog is here for your entertainment.  Focused on who I am and inspiration and tips to live more sustainable.

Have a fabulous Sunday