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My divine souls; hope you are all in a great space mentally and physically on the path to becoming the best version of yourself.

I´m in a very great space myself at this very moment, and I just want to share with you all; This amazing new studio that I have become a part of, here in Oslo.

The last few weeks have been very exiting and busy, as on Saturday last week Kjernekraft – (core-power) yoga and pilates studio opened up in the heart of Oslo. We had a great opening day, with so many amazing people showing up to test the various classes we have on our timetable and getting to know all of us working there. It is going to be an amazing studio, as we are a group of very different teachers with there own unique teaching styles, and also a small bouquet of therapists giving treatments at the studio. Creating a unique concept of a good selection of yoga classes, pilates, Personal training and therapy, all in one space in the heart of Oslo.

I´m so grateful to be apart of this amazing studio from the very beginning and I know that we will help so many people to become a better and stronger version of them selves.

If you live around Oslo, or are passing by here, make sure you come check us out and check out or membership deals, the teachers, therapists and schedule on the website.




I´m back in Norway for a few days now, and the weather here has been amazing, the trees are all beautifully covered with green leafs again, flowers are blossoming and it smells like spring. Oslo is a completely different world through this time of year compared to winter, fascinating.

My month in Bali were amazing, I´ve already shared a bit about it and I do feel that the blog will be more focused on this new journey I´m on. Going to Bali one of my main focuses was obviously to become a qualified yoga teacher, which I am now. That feels amazing, but there is so much more to it than what I had in mind. I can´t wait to share the path of real yoga with more people. I´m so grateful to life leading me in this direction and making me take the first step in a direction which I love so much. Teaching yoga will not be about offering people a fitness class, but to give them the option to connect deeper with them selves.


live your truth everyone





Hope your week is going all right? We have almost been living in Oslo for two weeks now, so are getting into routines. I thought I should give you a small update on what is going and will happen the next coming months.


We are renting a really nice “half basement” apartment close to Ekeberg. As we came to Norway with basically nothing, we decided to rent a furnished place for the beginning, as we dont know yet what is going to happen next.



I´m starting working for local owned boutique called Kiman Woman, which distributes many Scandinavian labels, like; IBEN, DAY and Baum & Pferdgarten and many more.



I´m starting a design / marketing internship with a small Oslo label called By MagMaLou, I love working with small labels, especially a local one as well. It is great getting back into a good work habit.



 Living a bit out of the city, surrounded by several great walking areas makes me so happy. Looking forward to discover my new area.


Signing up for yoga is next on the list, when I get my weekly work schedule organised.








Enjoy the rest of your week guys x



Hi lovelies, just a quick hello from me, my week is just way to busy and I don´t have a day off until Wednesday next week, so will not be to much activity on the blog this week. Starting the week with interning, uni work leaving party for our best friends here in Sydney and the last two days have been working as an extra for an upcoming animated movie; Peter Rabbit. Being an extra can be so much fun, you meet new interesting people, you get to see how an actual movie, tv-series or commercial is coming alive, and sometimes meet the professional actors. For this movie we have been on set with an Holloywood actor, Domhnall Gleeson, so that was really fun!

This evening I´m doing some very last minute work on an assessment I have to print and present tomorrow morning. To keep me going I got this amazing chocolate from Loving Earth, which is 100% vegan and 100% delicious.

Thank you Loving Earth for getting me through this



Hope you are having an exiting week as well, much love from a tired lady

Amazing start to the week for me, I had internship all day, I´m working (interning) for a small boutique label called Jacinta James, the nicest people to work and be surrounded by. Interning for a small label is such an advantage, you really get to see all sides of running a business up close and real. You get to use and develop skills for several areas, and my absolute favourite; working with a small amazing team, building a small unique and sustainable business.

As it is my birthday this coming Wednesday I was so lucky to get chocolate and beautiful sunflowers from them today. Could not have had a better start to this week.
So grateful.



Hope your week is starting off great as well


I´ve lived and worked abroad for 4 years now, a real eye-opening experience I´m very grateful for.

I´ve been in several situations I´ve never expected, experienced work ethics on its lowest, for western (Norwegian) standards. The jobs I´ve had here in Australia is everything from working in a pillow factory, a lime farm, cafes/ restaurants, volunteer work, internships,  modelling, extra work for tv-series and commercials and retail. Which have been a roller coaster of great experiences, unfortunate encounters, and opportunities.

If you every wonder if you wanna take a “gap year” or just leave and go somewhere new to work for a while? I do recommend it highly, but I also recommend you to be prepared to feel like a foreigner.

In my time spent here I´ve only had one or two decent manager, my favourite; she owns and managed a tea cafe I worked for off and on for almost  2 years, the other one owns the label I intern for. As a foreigner I´ve really got to experience terrible pay, terrible management with the most unprofessional business manners you can imagine. Coming from a place like Norway, you are used to the best of the best, so I guess for me being a Norwegian, my standards used to be extremely high, which they still are, I´ve just realised other peoples standards are not.

“My very first cafe job in Sydney, the manager asked me out on a date already the first week, I declined it politely, which then resulted in him taking almost all my shifts off the roaster and making it super awkward at work; I left after two weeks.”

“My very last experience was with my very last job, I worked in retail store for almost a year; I told my manager 5 months ahead that I´m leaving Sydney, as I believe being honest and upfront is the best way to act. Then I had a conversation with them asking if I could have some Sundays off before leaving. Instead of discussing the request with me like any decent manager would do, they just decided to fire me over a text message, with the excuse I was not committing to the job.”

What I´ve learnt from all these experiences, both good and bad; that I will never become one of them, and I will do all it takes to be a business owner. I will also go overseas to work and live again because I simply love the feeling of new challenges, new culture, new people and adventure. To me the experiences I´ve had, are worth so much more than money, experience is everything.

At the end of the day you should not let these people influence your happiness, do not let them win, you choose your happiness.

Hope you have a wonderful week so far