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The last week has been pretty cold, windy and it has been snowing as well, so I´ve joined the “parkas community”. I always prefer wearing nice coats and jackets, but sometimes you just have to give in for keeping warm and comfortable.  I had a good winter parkas from Fjellreven, but I were wanting something even bigger and longer. I found the perfect one from a Scandinavian brand called Samsøe Samsøe, no leather details and no down.


I sold my old jacket, and invested in a new one, as I would not see the point in having two almost identical jackets for the same use, so someone esle can be happy with my old jacket is perfect.


Fairytale World 
Magical Looking






Hi lovelies, it is Monday. Almost half way through December and all though I dont really care to much for christmas, I am going to spend my days off with my family in Larvik. I´m working until the 23rd, so I do not have much time this year preparing food and I dont wanna put to much pressure on my mum either.

I therefor did some research, as it is going to be 3 days of family time and food, I wanted to eat something a bit different than usual. I did some research and found the perfect answer to my food dilemma.

The vegan christmas food box from www.veganermat.no
(only available here in Norway)

It covers everything you need for a tasty, easy and cruelty free christmas dinner & brunch. Perfect if you are after a little different food this christmas or you simply wanna add some more healthy plant based food to your dinner table.  










Christmas is just around the corner, the time of year when people spend ridiculous amounts of money on things most people do not need. It starts with the christmas calendar, one gift for each day counting down to christmas eve. I personally is not a tradition type of person, and specially traditions involving buying is something I try to not participate in.


I´ve decided to not do any christmas calendar this year, simply because I prefer spending that money on important things, rather give to charity, spend money on experiences together with your partner our family/ friends. 






Hi lovelies, winter is here, and it is still a long time to go until spring time. Winter here in the north is very long, dark and from time to time moody, way worse than I actually could remember.
Therefore I see the importance of setting goals, which will help keep my motivation up and somehow pull me through during moody periods.


I´ve decided that winter time requires less goals than the other seasons, as the season is much more challenging for you, so instead of focusing on to many goals, focus on a few and really work towards them.



Do yoga three times a week, sign up for yoga classes at a yoga studio after christmas & meditate 3 times a week.

On my days off  really listen to my body giving it the nurture it needs & get at to see some day light and breath fresh air, even if it is only for a little bit.

Save a decided amount of money, as I do have a goal for the next year, that I´m not going to share until I´m sure I will be able to do it.



If you like me, find the winter long and daunting set yourself some goals including one that is at the end of the winter, it can be rewarding yourself to something you really want to to, see or need. Then  you have something to work towards and you can see yourself getting closer to the goal, especially on difficult days.






usually I do a “Favourite moments of the month” post every month, but to be honest I really dont feel that there is much to write about for November… I have been going through my first real autumn / winter in five years, it has really taken the energy out of me completely, pulling me deep down.

I know it is a saying that here in Norway you get slightly depressed during winter, all though I have never really experienced it myself, until now. It has been really though for me to move back home, adapting back to “Norwegian habits”. I almost feel like an immigrant in my own country, which is a bit of a strange and weird feeling.


Dealing with all the changes, then especially the weather it has not been an easy month and there is still a long way until spring. I´m trying to deal with as good as I can, therefore I decided to share it on the blog, it feels better writing it down for some reason.


I tell myself there is something to be happy about everyday

I get out to see the little bit of sun that I can when I have the time

I eat food that makes me feel good

I do yoga & meditate

I`m trying to make plans / something to look forward too





I LOVE LOVE LOVE my super oversized faux fur coat, that my grandma gave to me 6 years ago. It is probably from when she was in her 30s, so it has had a long life. I´m keeping it safe and sound, so hopefully I can pass it on to someone else when I feel to old to wear it.

Vintage and clothes passed on by older relatives are just amazing, don´t take it for granted, keep it in mind next time you consider getting rid of something special you have.




Jacket – vintage faux fur 
Skirt – vintage
Top – cut up from a dress
Boots – old primark boots

Be true to yourself
Speak your mind
Wear your trademarks with proud attitude
Stay you





Happy Sunday from a very hungover and tired lady. It is mostly being spent on the sofa, drinking tea and eating dried fruits, already looking forward to next weekend with a little less alcohol involved and more fresh air.



Christmas is just around the corner, which means all sort of big and small green trees, christmas flowers, and decorations are available to purchase. I´m personally not a christmas person, so our apartment will not be covered in much christmas decorations. However I do love to bring some nature inside, and have some green around the house. So far I have decided to not buy any tree or plants, but simply create it myself.

It is super easy, just go for a walk in a bit of a forest area, bring a knife or scissor and pick some nice straws, branches, with both green and autumn coloured leafs. If you just leave them without water, the plants will not go rotten, just simply dry up and you can keep it for a long time. I´ve already had it for two weeks and it still looks great.

Budget friendly and it adds personal touch to your decorations

I was also lucky to come across a neighbour who had being trimming some trees, and all the leftover branches were laying in a pile, for anyone to take home. So there we got a very improvised little odd christmas tree. 





Hi lovelies, I´m just dropping in to share my thought on Black Friday, coming up tomorrow. Black Friday is not good for anything. Is only making people crazy, ruining the meaning of clothes or other material things, and our view on what we should pay for things vs what is right to pay, to ensure fair wages for everyone along the supplier chain.

Our belongings are unfortunately being made to not last, so events like Black Friday creates a even bigger hype around consume and throw, it is time we turned the negative trends around and demand quality over quantity.





On Sunday I attended a clothing swap event, organised by an environmental group here in Norway, “The future in our hands”. You had to bring up to 7 things, in relative good condition, then you would be able to pick as many “new” items as you handed in. The leftover clothes got donated to charity.

Clothing swap is a great way to lower your consumption habits and save the environment for a little less pollution. All our decisions and actions matter.


“Vi kjøper rundt 70.000 tonn nye klær hvert år her i landet. Kleshandlingen vår er dårlig nytt for både klimaet og miljøet. Hvert plagg fører minst til et klimagassutslipp som tilsvarer mellom 1 og 17 kg med karbondioksid, avhengig av hvilket materiale det er laget av. Sammenlignet med 1995 har prisen på klærne falt med 63 prosent og vi kaster 79 prosent mer klær årlig. I tillegg til klimafotavtrykket fører klærne våre til store utslipp av miljøgiftige kjemikalier og krever enorme mengder vann der de ofte har minst fra før. Her er våre beste tips til hvordan klærne dine kan bli mer miljøvennlige.”

“We purchase approximately 70.000 ton of new clothes every year in Norway. Our clothing-buying habits are really bad for the the environment. Every piece of cloth creates between 1-17 kg og co2, depending on the material it is made off. Compared to 1995 the prices for clothes are 63 prosent lower, and we throw 79 prosent more clothing every year. Not only creating I high amount og c02, the clothes are also produced with many chemicals, harming both environment, the humans and animals.”



I only ended up with four “new” items, but I´m perfectly happy with that, as I got to clean up a little, improve our environment a little and support a charity.







Good Sunday to everyone, this Sunday is spent very relaxed mostly at home, listening to good music and drinking tea.
We had a short trip down to the city to join a clothing swap event organised by an environmental group. I got rid of some old clothes that were never in use, and I got a few “new” things. Good to get out of the house for a bit, and support groups that are working for an improved environment.


I have four songs playing on repeat right now, I can listen to these songs over and over without getting sick of them, also the artist. Produce real quality music.


– mellow  – goosebumps – meditative –


RADICAL FACE – Ghost Towns 

SUSANNE SUNDFØR – Reincarnation


ZIGGY ALBERTS – Hands I Can Hold 



“But there’s no comin’ home
There’s no comin’ home
With a name like mine
I still think of you
But everyone knows
Yeah everyone knows
If you can, let it go

I seen more places than I can name
And over time they all start to look the same
But it ain’t that truth we chase
No, it’s the promise of a better place”